While composing the decor of this apartment in Rio de Janeiro the designers from studio ro+ca were searching for a fusion between near – the beach chill vibe and dynamic urban experience. In this project, created for a young bachelor, they achieved that by juxtaposing the robust concrete presence and exposed brick structures to the playfully colored soft textures, modern finishing and contrasting color palette.

Although the apartment is small and hence, boundless, the division between functional zones comes from the clever usage of different colors, shapes, and textural approaches. The kitchen-dinning area is decided in the composition of shining black surfaces and modernly shaped and bright yellow furniture and details and is successfully distinguished by the much more mild and soft arrangement of the living room.

The pastel colors palette that composes the soft – siting premise brings serene and chill atmosphere to the otherwise dynamic decor composition. The combination of playful, urban and sports details that adorn the premises is giving the observer a hint of its inhabitant- young, energetic and bachelor. Street signs, model cars, collector’s items coexist artistically with beautiful contemporary design pieces of furniture and lighting solutions. This small city-dwelling is an essence of modern single life- colorful, playful and dynamic.



[Source: Interiorzine]