Small, contemporary apartment located in busy Moscow, Russia. A place that is young, simple, modern and full of light. This creation of Ruetemple is an excellent example of how small urban dwelling can seem much larger and dynamically modern yet at the same time to possess elegant simplicity and whimsical spirit.

The place features raw concrete ceiling, clear lined architecture and overwhelming witness of a canvas. This combination that emanates contemporary simplicity allows the main design feature of the arrangement to stand out even more. The custom made wooden structure that contains the main living and relaxation area (and the bedroom as well) is as fresh, vital presence in the industrial simplicity of the rest of the design.

The light wood structure is a sculptural construct, smooth and warm, vital and functional at the same time. It features a library, a chill-out platform with pillows and stairs, dynamically intriguing green sofa and of course the sleeping zone – where everything is mild, elegant and simple. Combining all the living functions this wooden construct becomes the heart of the otherwise simple and clear-lined minimalism of the urban apartment.

Small touches of fresh, living greenery intrude the sense of home and coziness in the otherwise industrial combinations. Modern spirit and young dynamic inspire all the design elements of the place: from the lighting scheme to the kitchen’s minimalism and functional arrangement. The bathroom features trendy darkness and raw materials palette. And the corridor is like a club entrance- a long stretch that can lead you anywhere you can imagine. Reflecting the young owner’s lifestyle choices in combination with unique design features this small apartment decor is an intriguing representation of modern urban life and smart innovative design.




[Source:- Interiorzine]