Porvair Sciences has extended its sample storage and collection range with the introduction of five new deep-well microplates. Deep-well microplates are an important class of functional labware used for sample preparation, compound storage, mixing, transport, and fraction collection. They are widely used in life science laboratories and are available in different sizes and plate formats—most commonly 96- and 384-well plates made from virgin polypropylene. The plates contain no contaminants that may leach out and affect stored sample growth, or bacterial or cell growth. RNase/DNase-free plates are available for sensitive biological applications. Researchers can now work with volumes as low as 1 mL and as high as 2.2 mL, each with different well and bottom shapes. Whether customers are working in molecular biology, cell biology, or drug discovery applications, these new deep-well plates allow customers greater flexibility in selecting the optimal format for their application.

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Lentivirus Transduction Reagent

Whether you’re working with difficult-to-transduce cells like primary T cells or just want to ensure high transduction efficiency, System Biosciences’ TransDux reagents are ready to deliver. Our TransDux MAX Lentiviral Transduction Reagent can increase transduction efficiencies by up to eight-fold as compared to polybrene, while our TransDux formulation is still available for researchers who are not yet ready to make the change. These reagents work with all types of packaged lentivirus. The kit format requires minimal hands-on time (<5 min). It is also nontoxic—no need to change out media after infection.

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Cell Culture Expansion System

MYCAP CCX from Sartorius combines aseptic fluid transfer and gas exchange for cell growth in one system, for simplified, low-risk cell expansion in Erlenmeyer shaker flasks. Grow cells in the incubator and passage between flasks without ever opening a flask and never going into a biosafety cabinet. Integral tubing allows media feed, inoculation, sampling, and transfers to be done aseptically, while the high-gas exchange filter cartridge supports vigorous cell growth in the incubator. Benefits with MYCAP CCX include avoiding contamination by never having to open a flask or change a cap, and improving ergonomics and process efficiency by eliminating hood operations and liquid transfers usin manual pipetting.

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High-Recovery Vials

Avoid wasteful overfilling of high-value samples with specially designed vial systems that allow syringes and narrow pipette tips complete access to contents with minimal loss. WHEATON NextGen V Vials and E-Z Ex-Traction Vials are made from low-extractable, chemically resistant borosilicate glass in conformance with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Type 1 requirements. Available closures, which include a selection of screw caps, aluminum crimp caps, liners, and stoppers, meet ISO, ASTM, and European DIN [BF1][AH2]quality standards, and comply with U.S., European, and Japanese pharmacopeias. Pretreatment and preparation services include particulate cleaning, depyrogenation, sterilization, siliconization, silanization, application of customer-specified barcodes, and preweighting to provide a tare weight for precise filling and weighing. High-recovery vial systems are shipped in bulk pack configurations, shrink-wrapped in a low-particulate cellular tray, and delivered ready-to-use with USP certifications for traceability.

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Protein Analyzer

The Fluidity One-W’s unique capabilities allow you to study protein complexes and their formation in crude biological backgrounds such as cell lysates or blood plasma. Absolute size measurements of protein complexes by the Fluidity One-W help to confirm the identity of your complex and let you control for off-target binding and false positive measurements. Minimal sample preparation and automatic KD (equilibrium dissociation constant) calculation enable you to confidently analyze your protein at the earliest possible stage, reducing the time for important go/no-go decisions.

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Featuring an ergonomically enhanced, novel industrial design complemented by a wide range of rotors, the Thermo Fisher Scientific General Purpose Pro Centrifuge Series has been developed to deliver a safe, regulatory-compliant benchtop separation solution suitable for several applications, from clinical protocols and cell culture procedures to microplate processing. The series has been equipped with an advanced touchscreen interface, giving users easy access to prestored protocols, temperature control, and system health checks to improve productivity and reduce time spent performing manual maintenance. The General Purpose Pro Centrifuge Series includes the Thermo Scientific Sorvall, Thermo Scientific Multifuge, and Thermo Scientific Megafuge configurations. Built on state-of-the-art technology and equipped with advanced components that meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, the series delivers improved performance and usability as well as enhanced safety functionality.

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