<p><strong>Pros:</strong> Planning on reselling your home? Then wooden floors are one of the best choices, as they make a considerable difference to a house’s final selling price. Wooden floors are warm, timeless and classic, not to mention very desirable. </p><p><strong>Cons:</strong> Wooden floors are some of the most costly options, seeing as they are so desirable. They are also more likely to scratch, stain, and fade in sunlight than other floors. And once too much moisture is added, wooden floors can damage or warp.</p>
 Credits: homify / John Gauld Photography

Need to lay down some new ground surfaces in your home? Well, then you probably already know that there’s a heap of options up for consideration: carpet, wood, vinyl, stone… the list goes one!

Once upon a time carpet was chosen for the majority of a house’s rooms. But with trends changing (and professional floorers becoming cleverer and more creative), one can now sit for hours sifting through all the available flooring ideas.

However, just because there are so many choices to consider doesn’t mean that the first option is necessarily the best. For example, carpet can be great for a living room, yet less popular for a wet space like a bathroom.

So, to help guide you through this very important process, we at homify have taken the liberty of selecting the top flooring choices and neatly spreading out their pros and cons.

When it comes to flooring ideas, it doesn’t get any easier than this guide…