Instagram’s 800m-plus users feature plenty of people to love from the interior world. From professionals and amateurs at home and much further afield, here’s Carol O’Callaghan’s pick of who to follow.

As a latecomer to Instagram and its 800m users, it took news of the astonishing 11m ‘likes’ on Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement photo to spur me on to use the platform to follow my favourites in design.

First up was the splendid Architectural Digest (@archdigest) and super-cool Design Milk (@designmilk) with 14m and 2.1m devotees, respectively, to view their sumptuous photos.

that, it was a case of ferreting around for more of the same aspirational photos, but not long before I defaulted to Instagrammers who are a better match for my credo which values aesthetics but must have in-built practicality and be easy to implement.

Here are some of them…