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Ancient ancestors of modern baleen whales were toothy not-so-gentle giants

The largest living whales – including the gigantic 30-metre blue whale – are fast predatory hunters that support their massive bodies by filtering large volumes of tiny prey from cool near-polar waters. They do this using baleen: plates of a tough substance hanging from

These Were The Most Popular Decor Styles Of 2017

It’s hard to believe 2017 is nearly over. While there were some amazing innovations, artistry, and movements in the home space this year, clearly a few trends that came out on top. To give us a more accurate depiction of 2017’s hottest styles, the online interior

Liam Gallagher fans hail ‘As You Were’ as a ‘modern day classic’

Liam Gallagher fans have hailed his debut solo album as a ‘modern day classic’ after hearing it for the first time ever. ‘As You Were’ is released today, and sees Liam stepping out of the shadow of Oasis and Beady Eye to record his first

Modern humans were in Southeast Asia 20,000 years earlier than thought, ancient teeth reveal

When Dutch archaeologist D. A. Hooijer first saw a pair of weathered teeth recovered from a remote cave on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, he noted that they were about the right size and shape to belong to modern humans. But in 1948, he