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The luxurious six bedroom house

Luxury means different things to different people. But if luxury means style and space to you, then this dazzling and sprawling house is worth a second look. The double-storied house has six bedrooms and plenty of living spaces to enjoy. It has two large

Theatre Etobicoke presents ‘The Dining Room’

Theatre Etobicoke presents a portrait of a vanishing species — the middle class — this week. The Dining Room by A.R. Gurney is set in the dining room of a well-to-do household, where the family assembles daily for breakfast, and dinner, and any and all

The Carpenter Vs. The Gardener: Two Models Of Modern Parenting

arents these days are stressed. So are their kids. The root of this anxiety, one scholar says, is the way we understand the relationship between parents and children. Alison Gopnik, a psychology and philosophy professor at the University of California, Berkeley, thinks parents—especially middle-class parents—view

Young have helped Ireland enter the modern world

You can parse this victory any way you like, but its main ingredient was time. Time to enter the modern world. The 35 years between the insertion of the Eighth Amendment and the vote for its removal, to be exact. Most of the people

Nehru the architect of modern India: Pranab

Former President Pranab Mukherjee paid rich tributes to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, on his death anniversary here on Sunday, saying that but for him, India would have gone down the path of other newly liberated countries of Asia and Africa. He was

The people to follow for some Insta interiors inspiration

Instagram’s 800m-plus users feature plenty of people to love from the interior world. From professionals and amateurs at home and much further afield, here’s Carol O’Callaghan’s pick of who to follow. As a latecomer to Instagram and its 800m users, it took news of the astonishing

Secrets to Saving Money on Appliances Highlight the Reasons to Seek Out Quality Repair Services, says DG Appliance Service

A May 5articlein the Watertown Daily Times offers ten tips to saving money on the purchase of a new appliance. San Fernando Valley based DG Appliance Service says that it definitely makes sense to shop around for the best possible deal on a new appliance.

The Growing Crisis In Modern Finance

In this article, I interview two distinguished professors and practitioners of mathematical finance, David H. Bailey, Ph.D. of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (retired) and the University of California at Davis, and Marcos Lopez de Prado, Ph.D., of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Chief Executive

Decorate it the Bohemian way

When it comes to decorating a home, many thoughts float in, many inclinations vie for attention. But the chief character that stands out is the desire to bring in warmth. What ensues in the choice of décor is a combination of elements that can

Chicken nuggets: The iconic symbol of the modern era?

The 1960s had Beatlemania, the 1980s had jazzercise, and 2018 is apparently the year of chicken nuggets. According to recent British research, the almighty chicken nugget has been dubbed the symbol of the modern era. On average, New Zealanders consume 43 kilograms of chicken