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Direct-to-consumer brands see gains from traditional TV

For many direct-to-consumer companies trying to diversify their marketing away from Facebook and into traditional media, TV stands as a new opportunity. Some DTC companies that have been experimenting with TV for a few years say it’s paying off in web traffic and sales. HelloFresh,

Tobias Trübenbacher creates furniture from pig bladders and cow intestines

Industrial design student Tobias Trübenbacher has used pig bladders and cow intestines to create furniture, in a bid to discover the “inner values” of animal offal. Trübenbacher began his Inner Values project after discovering less than half of an animal is processed and sold, while

Best smart lighting: from Philips Hue to Lifx, and everything in between

Smart lighting is perhaps the most accessible area of the smart home, requiring little explanation, installation, and fiddling in order to enjoy the benefits of lighting that you can control from your phone or with your voice, and which changes tone, brightness and even

Harmonising AYUSH and modern medicine: Can India learn from China?

It was estimated by the World Health Organisation that during the eighties, “in many countries, 80 per cent or more of the population living in rural areas (were) cared for by traditional practitioners and birth attendants.” The decades that followed saw an unprecedented expansion of biomedicine/western/modern

From a 10-bedroom house in Kimberley to a bachelor flat in Sandton, this is what R2 million will buy you right now

Thanks to significantly improved domestic sentiment, faster growth in property prices (particularly in Gauteng) can be expected this year. John Loos, household and property sector strategist at FNB Home Finance, says house prices could even possibly grow by more than 5%. This follows a

Boom for babywear and accessories business as it expands from market stall to shop

There’s been a real boom for this babywear shop with an expansion into the historic Haven Mill. The new Alexander Byron shop is now open and is an expansion of Davie’s Baby Stuff on Grimsby’s Top Town Market. Tracey and David Miller decided to

From Ocean to River

River cruises are a booming market and one that continues to grow. Agents who typically sell ocean cruises, however, and are looking to boost their river cruise business, need to be mindful of the significant differences between the two segments—both in how to qualify clients

Elevate Flooring Collection From Ecore

The latest collection of performance flooring products from Ecore is designed to elevate every aspect of today’s modern fitness spaces – from the entryway to the locker room. The Elevate Collection, with its portfolio of five surface offerings, provides fitness facilities with the ideal combination


The Water Research Foundation recently awarded contracts for three water reuse projects: Evaluating Economic and Environmental Benefits of Water Reuse for Agriculture (Reuse-16-06), FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule: Opportunities and Impacts on Potential Water Reuse for Agricultural Irrigation (Reuse-16-07), and Demonstrating Real-Time

With love, from France: Kronokare’s natural beauty products adapt French technique to Indian needs

At a glance Startup: Kronokare Founder: Cyril Feuillebois Year it was founded: 2008 Where is it based: Delhi The problem it solves: Natural and eco-friendly skin care Sector: Beauty Funding raised: Bootstrapped Cyril Feuillebois would never have thought that his trip to India to study at IIM Lucknow in 2003 would lead