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Gardening: 5 ways to succeed with ‘boring’ conifers

CONIFERS may have a reputation for being boring, but they add valuable colour and structure in winter. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when planting, according to plant specialist Lubera.co.uk: 1. Beware of pruning potted trees: The right location is

Gardening: 5 of the best garden gloves

We look at 5 of the best garden gloves Gardening gauntlets cream leather and English rose linen, £27.95, www.annabeljames.co.uk Garden in style with these gorgeous, luxurious, lightweight gloves with cuffs crafted in English linen and leather, pictured right. The long, floral linen cuffs are

5 Unknown Uses of Coffee Maker

Highlights If you feel guilty of wasting those bucks on coffee maker then stop Don’t want to cook elaborate meal?Then bring coffee maker to your rescue Take that dumped kitchen appliance out and get going! There are few kitchen gadgets and appliances that we tend to

5 Daily appliances that can be hacked

Refrigerators Smart refrigerators are one category that could see wide acceptance in the future.  One Digital security has claimed that a fridge can be hacked and send malicious emails to others. In the past, we’ve seen instances of smart fridge hacks. For instance, a

5 futuristic home lighting solutions starting at just $15

You don’t need to be a millionaire to step up your home decor, and creative lighting is one of the best ways to make a big impact on your guests without making a big impact on your wallet. It’s something most people don’t think

5 top tips for decorating with Colour of the Year Cherished Gold

Every year paint manufacturer Dulux gathers a team of design experts to predict colour trends for the year ahead. ‘The common thread coming through for 2016 was yellow – and gold in particular. We drew inspiration from all the different tones of this colour,