Stand via Me Lamp made by using herbal materials are blended via a manner that combines the commercial with the hand-crafted.

With wood strength and iron will, I stand with the aid of you so I allow you to make out words and give that means to awesome standards. My motive in life? To enlighten your studying and eventually your dreaming. as long as there are books and light, I swear I’ll stand with the aid of you.

natural substances are blended thru a system that combines the commercial with the home made, to carry to particular lifestyles gadgets designed to intrigue you. object’s fundamental body is designed to act as a canvas on which art can take place. This unique fusion of utilitarian – day by day item – ornamented with art is meant to introduce items of a selected aesthetic in a single’s daily recurring.

Inaugurating our cooperation with Greek artists, we comprise in our creative crew the upcoming cutting-edge artists Blemobill and Ourania. by way of sketching their characteristic styles on every one of the gadgets, they give them a completely unique value.