Story image for morden from Croydon Advertiser

ruly shocking footage has been published showing the moment three police officers pinned a man to the ground in Morden while one of them punched him 25 times in a matter of seconds.

It shows one female and two male officers restraining a man, who appears to be resisting arrest in a residential area.

Then with rapid and what looks like considerable force, one of the male officers begins to punch the man repeatedly in the back – 25 times in around 15 seconds.

The man can be seen to attempt to move, but remains pinned down by the officers.

The female officer then gets up and appears to speak to the officer raining down the blows, who then stops.

The man who filmed the clip can be heard saying: “F****** hell, big geezer’s bashing him right up.”

The appalling video circulated online this month and has been viewed thousands of times.

It was tweeted by grime artist Bossman Birdie then retweeted by DJ and recorder producer Redlight who said “F*** the system.. people wanna no there children are safe not being beating by your juiced up workforce [sic]”

Bossman Birdie said: “You [Met Police] post a lot about the drugs you find!! Pls repost this video it is equally a crime!! Committed by your staff”