Another outstanding achievement for the Rift radiator by Tubes Radiatori, which, after winning the iF Design Award 2016 earlier this year, obtains the Special Mention for the German Design Award 2017. The German Design Award, organized by the German Design Council that has represented and supported the design industry in Germany for 60 years, is an award allocated to companies and designers who, thanks to their projects, are deemed pioneers of design on an international scale.

“Rift is a new radiator made up of different modules which can be combined to create compositions which fit perfectly into any architectural space. It is a functional product with a minimalist elegance that enables architects to ‘design’ the form which best fits their needs.” Ludovica + Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini.

Rift is a modular, component-based radiator, designed to satisfy the customization requirements of any designer. It is made up of modules in extruded aluminum which can be arranged horizontally or vertically, aligned, unaligned or inverted to form compact, symmetrical or asymmetrical sculptures. Its versatility is further enhanced by the line of accessories, which includes shelves, making the radiator perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, along with heated towel rails, ideal for the bathroom.


[Source:- Interiorzine]