Restonic Scott LivingLAS VEGAS – Top 10 bedding producer Restonic is introducing a new bedding line that features the Scott Living brand developed by twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. It will be showcased at the upcoming market here.

The brothers, a household name in the home renovation industry through their “Property Brothers” and “Brother Vs. Brother” television shows, have two events set in Restonic’s new showroom, World Market Center A-853, where they will meet retailers.The events are set for Sunday, Jan. 28, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Monday, Jan. 29, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The Scott Living line will be Restonic’s national bedding line, offered to everyone from single furniture stores to national chains, said Bob Sherman, who heads Restonic’s largest licensee.

“This is one way of elevating Restonic to a higher level for our dealers, and to bring more consumers into their stores,” he said. “Scott Living is a brand consumers respond to, love, and are very interesting in seeing in stores. This is a great way to elevate Restonic with consumers and with store owners.”

Barbara Sherman, also a Restonic executive, said the Scott Living brand is known as a high quality brand and noted that it appeals to a younger audience, an attractive group for Restonic to reach, she said.

In addition to their high visibility on TV, the brothers are social media standouts. Their average monthly social reach on Twitter is 7.8 million consumers. The number rises to 8.2 million on Facebook and hits 19.3 million on Instagram.

The average age of the social media consumer is 24, with 80% of those consumers being female and 60% being married.

There are 18 models in Restonic’s Scott Living line, retailing from $999 to $2,000.

The Scott Living brand launched in 2014 and encompasses a variety of product categories, including outdoor furniture and décor, indoor furniture and accessories, bathroom vanities, wine refrigerators, indoor fireplaces and top-of-bed products, among others.

The brothers say they joined forces “to form a perfect blend of function and style for their fans – putting their dream homes within reach.”