The prolific Japanese design studio Nendo is back with a line of furniture and accessories that minimalism fans will go gaga over.

One part of the series, created for the Chinese brand Zens, is a line of furniture that was inspired by the strokes of Japanese and Chinese writing. Made of metal, they feature a slight curve, a box with a line through it, a straight piece with a small protrusion, and a series of connected circles. Combined with a triangular base, these four pieces transform into a stool, a shelf, a side table, and a round display piece.

[Photo: Akihiro Yoshida/Nendo]

The thinking was to use the same base and simply switch out the top to create a sense of unity and cohesion, similar to combining different letter strokes to make different Chinese words. The simplicity of the pieces make them almost appear two dimensional–each can be represented on the page using geometric shapes and lines.

The design studio also created a set of displays inspired by birds sitting on a telephone line that could be used to hold flowers, plants or small accessories in the home. Vases can be added to or removed from a long narrow holder depending on how the user wants to arrange the piece, called “Chirp.”

[Photo: Akihiro Yoshida/Nendo]

The last series Nendo created for Zens is a line of stackable housewares, including a coffee set, a Chinese tea set, and a plate that all play with round, ovular lids.  Made of silicon, the lids have different uses: as a tea strainer, a coffee filter, a foam topper for teacups to keep their liquid warm while preventing them from clattering on the table. The whole collection can be carried around in a towering stack reminiscent of the Zen art of stone balancing.

All three lines are truly a minimalist’s dream–and the last might even help you become a Zen master as you bring your stacks of teacups and kettles and strainers to your guests.