Warm ambiance, pastel colors, stylish functionality – a modern family dwelling with elegant design. This project of Studio Raanan Stern located in Tel Aviv, Israel is a beautiful example of all that and much more. While renovating and redesigning the apartment the architects used the long corridor ass and axes division between the two functional zones: the public one with the interconnected kitchen – dinning – living room premise and the more privet one with the bedrooms and the children’s quarters. The design of the spaces possesses clear-lined simplicity and freshens that combines timeless elegance and modern, playful touch.


The tranquil and welcoming sensation of the apartment’s design achieved by clever combinations of pastel colors and hues, organic materials and abundance of natural light is supplemented by the elegant functionality and modernism of the custom-made fittings and furniture. The black bespoke structures and accessories (like the hidden cabinetry of the kitchen and the corridor and the black wood wall that contains the TV-set in the living room) are juxtaposed to the light wood and the warm pastels of the rest of the composition.



[Source: Interiorzine]