Attracting positive chi into one’s house is very important.

You may think every room in your house is right with all the energy flowing, but there could be one or two areas that may have negative influences.

So, generally it is good to pay attention to Feng Shui tips or what some experts recommend for your home so as to live in peace and harmony.

If you are married, you would want to have an everlasting and harmonious relationship with your spouse. So what do you do?

Always stick to a bedroom that is square as it will strengthen the love and bond between husband and wife.

A polygon shaped bedroom with a long and narrow space and having sharp or oblique corners will lead to quarrels and arguments.

If the bedroom is too small it will lead to narrow mindedness and cause arguments.

A windowless bedroom that makes the room dark is definitely a no-no as it may trigger misunderstandings between couples.

Bedrooms should always be bright and not too cluttered with things.

If you have a small window, try installing soft and elegant lamplights with a red or purple bulb to create a better atmosphere.

According to, a beam near the bed will lead to conflicts as it blocks the aura from reaching you both.

The bed should also not directly face a door, a mirror or even a television as it will cause your partner to be too oversensitive and argumentative.

Finally, keep the bedroom clean and tidy. A messy one will surely lead to emotional disorder and unstable love.