As you get your commercial kitchen up and running, you may quickly discover that your to-do list becomes longer than you ever would have imagined it could be. You may suddenly have many tasks that you forgot to consider when hiring employees or planning your own work hours. One of these tasks that you should keep as a priority is cleaning and kitchen hygiene.

Keep a Daily Checklist

Many items and areas in your kitchen should be cleaned every day or possibly multiple times per day depending on how many meal shifts you offer. By keeping a laminated cleaning checklist in the kitchen, you will empower your employees to remember exactly what they need to clean, such as grills, fryers, food preparation surfaces and floors. This is a great form of accountability.

Remember All Areas

Some areas are hard to miss as you are going about your regular cleaning. However, others may be easy to overlook if they are not used frequently or are not near your other cleaning areas. You can be sure that an inspector would not overlook them. Be sure to clean high shelves, cooler shelves, drains and the areas beneath and between your appliances regularly.

Hire Professional Help

Although you can do much of your commercial kitchen cleaning on your own by allocating time for it regularly, there may be some areas you simply cannot reach or that you do not have time to tackle. Professional cleaners can help you with high-powered equipment and detail-oriented services. For example, hood cleaning central Florida can help you get grime off your stovetop hoods and reduce the chance for a grease fire.

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean is vital if you want to continue to pass restaurant inspections and keep your customers coming back. Plus, your cooks and other employees will certainly want to work in a clean environment that is safe and pleasant. Whether you do most of the work yourself or hire out your difficult cleaning, your efforts will be well-rewarded.