In this new project from our old friends Pitsou Kedem Architects, the entwinement between unique and dynamic architectural construct, the attractive and clever greenery and garden systems and the modern and trendy furnishing of the design compose an atmosphere of elegant and luxurious home. The ripples of water, the beams of light, and the prickles of exotic plants come together with the cantilevered roof, unusual shapes, glass lines and wooden lattice in one deep dimensional spaces of dynamic tension.


The premises (especially the public ones) are big, fill with light, open and interconnected with the gardens and the green elements of the decor composition and arranged in modern and elegant style. Fashionable design pieces of lighting and furnishing (like the dynamic soft, low composition of furniture from Morocco in the living room) are supplemented by high-quality materials and rich textures. The unique architecture of the house (a signature touch of Pitsou Kedem studio) with its many unusual features, from the cantilevered roof, unexpected shapes and diagonals allows dynamic correlation not only between the different spaces inside the house but also completely blurred borders between inside and outside, sliding glass walls open the lower floors directly to the garden and swimming pool areas and characteristic lattice and metal constructs provide privacy and separation of zones. The color compositions are kept light and elegant – light blue and gray, framed by black elements and natural wooden color from the cladding, laid on a white base that provides airy and elegant atmosphere. The whole house exudes style, class, and strong, unusual character.



[Source: Interiorzine]b