Cleaning the appliances in your laundry room generally consists of wiping them out, cleaning dust from the top of them, and cleaning out lint filters. Most people do not realize there is more to cleaning their washer and dryer. One of the most-often overlooked parts that should be cleaned on a regular basis is the dryer vent.

Why Clean the Vent?

Often people believe that the lint trap will take care of all the lint produced from drying their clothes. The truth is, only about 80% of this lint is caught in the lint trap. Where does the other 20% go? It builds up in the dryer vent. Over a period of time, the lint can clog the vent, and problems will ensue. One of the most common signs that the vents need cleaning is your dryer is taking longer than normal to dry your clothes.

Is a Dirty Vent Dangerous?

Thousands of fires start every year because a dryer vent is clogged or full of lint. The hot air cannot exhaust, and this causes the dryer to work harder. It will get hotter, and the higher heat temperature can ignite lint or the clothes in the dryer. It is recommended that the vents be cleaned at least once a year, but some may require cleaning more often. An example of a company that offers dryer vent cleaning pasadena md is Complete Chimneys.

Other Problems Caused by Clogged Vents

If you have a gas dryer, when the vent is not exhausting the heat and moisture properly, carbon monoxide could be coming into the home. Keep in mind, if your dryer is taking longer than normal to dry clothes, it is working harder, using more energy, and costing you more money. The dryer will not last as long before needing replaced either. If moisture becomes trapped in the vent, it can cause drywall damage as well as damage to other parts of the home.

With proper cleaning, the vents will remain open and allow the hot air to exhaust. Never run your dryer without a vent, and make certain to install an outside vent flap. This will discourage small animals from building nests in the vent.