Bathroom vanities serve a functional purpose in bathrooms, but they’re also a large part of the room’s design. This makes vanities an important part of any bathroom remodel, but making sure you find a vanity that fits the room in function and style can be difficult. Here are some tips for finding the right vanity.

Choose Its Placement and Style

Decide its placement and whether you want it to be wall-mounted, freestanding, floor mounted or in a corner; this will help you know where to do your measurements and if you need to make changes to plumbing before installation. Nail down a style goal, from vintage to modern, as well as a color palate. The style of bathroom vanities in Milwaukee is just as important as the function; bathrooms are often designed around the vanity, but they should also echo the style of the rest of the house.

Determine What Will Fit

Measure the width, depth and height available to determine what size vanity can fit; make sure you leave enough space for a walkway and consider how the drawers will open so that the vanity and its drawers don’t get in the way of the bathroom or shower doors opening. If you try to squeeze a vanity that’s really too big into your bathroom, it’ll look out of place.

Consider Who Will Be Using It

Once you know the size limitations, think about your needs regarding storage space, counter space and number of sinks. If you’re looking for a vanity for your master bath, you’ll likely want two sinks and plenty of storage and counter space, while a vanity for a half bath needs to be compact and doesn’t require much storage. Likewise, if you’re unusually tall, you might want to take the chance to get yourself a taller vanity.

Vanities are important aspects of a bathroom—functionally and stylistically. Whether it’s a modern wall-mounted piece or made from antique furniture, your vanity is a great way to define the style of your bathroom and wow your guests.