Honeywell Amazon Alexa hotel thermostat

Honeywell is tapping into the trends of increased automation and the use of voice technology with the launch of its latest thermostat for the hospitality industry.

The Inncom e7 Thermostat has Amazon Alexa integration, so guests can control room temperature, lighting, drapery and amenities services simply by talking.

“The e7 is the first enterprise-grade voice-ready guestroom control solution,” says Thurman Melson, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Home and Building Technologies.

The e7 can also be connected to property management systems, so when the guest checks in, the thermostat automatically bring the room temperature to a comfortable setting. After check-out, the PMS system triggers the thermostat to set back the temperature, close the curtains, turn off lights and disable the television.

The system detects a guest’s proximity and displays appropriate information for guest interaction.

It can also integrate with related technologies to control smart TVs, video-on-demand boxes, door locks and more. And when used as a networked system, the e7 provides real-time and trending data about room status, energy management efficiency and equipment function.