With Singapore pushing towards being a Smart nation, more and more home appliances are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Such appliances have helped us reduce the burden of household chores, while providing greater convenience in our lives.  Here, we picked out five high end home appliances that will change your lifestyle at home:

1. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Korean conglomerate Samsung has been aggressively in its mobile phone sales of late, giving their American counterparts Apple, a run for their money. Now, with the launch of the all-new Family Hub – The first Internet of Things (IoT) enabled fridge, integrated with Samsung’s very own voice control assistant, Bixby, this product is set to shake the market. With Samsung encouraging connected living in Singapore, the built0in functions will revolutionise the way you engage with your fridge.

Connected Home Control

Using the SmartThings app, the FamilyHub instantly transforms into a giant remote control, giving home owners access to various Samsung Smart appliances like: the television, window blinds and even the house door bell. This allows users to stay connected to and montior their home without leaving the kitchen

Enhanced Food Management

The View Inside app allows users to see what is inside their fridge without opening its doors. Even if they are shopping for groceries outside, they can still view the contents of their fridge through their smartphones to stay updated.

Keeping Connected With Family

With everyone growing up and having individualised schedules, it can be hard to be updated of each other’s coming and goings. But with the memo app, users can leave handwritten or drawn messages and send it to family members who may be on the road. Through the calendar app, each family member can also create their unique profiles and update their own schedules to keep the rest informed.