Casa Novo

The glorious quote ‘fashions fade, but style is eternal’ by Yves Saint Laurent applies not only to the fashion domain, but even to the home décor universe undoubtedly. Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but there are certain statement pieces of furniture that can stand the test of time and give your home the perfect, timeless look. Vintage furniture pieces command respect and intrigue in equal measure, and can instantly add a classic look to your home. The best spaces in a home are the ones that have character and reflect the personalities of the people living in it. Not being restricted to one specific trend and inculcating vintage style pieces and accessories can effortlessly make the interiors of your home look eternal. Mumbai-based interior designer and home styling expert, Ekta Khialani and her brand, Casa Novo serves as a design boutique agency for fashionable homes, intriguing interior designs and elegant spaces. She offers her expertise on how to incorporate vintage furniture into the house for a chic, timeless touch to the interiors.

Casa Novo is a specialized label that offers luxury styling, curated décor and home makeovers with tailor-made solutions for varied spaces by adopting a bespoke approach. Casa Novo understands the gap in the market for a well-curated decor and styling service, and strives to make luxury styling and decor easily available to the market.

  • Vintage style coffee tables: Interspersing a rustic coffee table with cart-style wheels in between modern couches and armchairs can recreate the vintage vibe.

  • Converting a sewing machine into a console table: Using old school machines, gadgets and tools and incorporating them into furniture is another way of crafting a real-life archaic atmosphere.

  • Vintage industrial end tables: An interesting way of adding vintage charm to your space is by pairing a set of end tables with a lot of metal detailing in cast iron.

  • Beaten leather: Creating custom pieces, like leather upholstered desks or bar carts, are a surefire way of making the interiors of your home look classy and timeless at the same time.

Pro Tip: Using an interesting ensemble of old school accessories like binoculars, magnifying glass clocks, stereos and other old machines as accent pieces is a simple yet genius way of inducing a warm, vintage aura to your home.