Have you ever ended a phone call on your Android device and heard that loud beep? Pretty annoying right? After many requests, Google has confirmed that it will lower the volume of that Android end call beep.

This doesn’t apply to every Android phone, but most devices have a tone or beep at the end of a call. If you’re the one ending the call, the volume of that sound probably doesn’t annoy you since the phone’s speaker is no longer up against your ear. However, if you’ve ever had that earpiece right up against your ear when that beep goes off, it’s really loud and annoying.

As first noted by XDA-Developers, Google has noted on an issue tracker that it will reduce the volume of that beep in a coming update. Specifically, the note says that the tone will be “softer” and will react to the volume of the call itself. Lower volume for the call, lower volume for that beep. The same applies to the phone’s silent mode.