Image result for This Furniture Is Hiding Wireless Chargers–And It Feels Like The Future

Blend Into Space [Photo: courtesy designstudio PESI]

If you had told me that all these furniture pieces and accessories were part of the sets of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, I would have believed you. These wireless charging surfaces by South Korean design studio PESI–which include tables, trays, containers, mirrors, speakers, and alarm clocks–all feel like they belong to the future.

On The Surface [Photo: courtesy designstudio PESI]

PESI worked on this project, which they call Blend Into Space, in a design partnership with Samsung Electronics called Creative Square. They have two lines of products: the first is called Composition,  a line of modular charging trays that you can place anywhere around the home as part of actual furniture. Thanks to their multi-purpose design, the trays become usable surfaces on tables or bedside tables. The second product line is On The Surface,  a set of five accessories: A container, a speaker, a mirror, a tray, and a clock.  All of them can be combined with a wireless charging module to make them into charging surfaces.Who says that wireless charging has to look like wireless charging?