With a growing market for smart home gadgets, it’s hard not to associate today’s home goods with something high tech. And while I don’t think every appliance necessarily needs a touchscreen tablet or bluetooth connection to be considered great (I will gladly take The Sub-Zero and Wolf PRO 48 refrigerator over one that calls my mother); there are plenty you should consider.

From the world’s first consumer modular TV to sleep tracker, here are some exciting high tech home devices in 2018.


Samsung’s 146-inch TV—aptly named The Wall—was one of the most talked about products at CES 2018 for very good reasons. For starters, it looks amazing. As the world’s first MicroLED television, it contains self-emitting micrometer scale LEDs, which eliminates the need for color filters or backlight. But for many people, The Wall’s biggest draw is its modular design giving consumers the ability to create differently sized screens that meets their lifestyle needs.


The Wall

#2: NOKIA SLEEP (Nokia: $99, available from March)

Raising the bar for sleeptrackers, Nokia Sleep is one of the best products this year for a great night’s sleep. Simply place the sensor under the mattress and you can expect it to carry out all the functions such as recording and tracking your sleep cycles, heart rate, sleep quality plus snoring patterns (length and number of times, not volume I’m afraid), and syncing everything back to the device’s health app. Sounds pretty standard? Well, what’s especially handy here is that the tracker doubles as a home automation device. This means: You can create the perfect sleeping and waking up environment by having it control all your smart items—lights off and blinds down when you get in bed; coffee maker on when you get up.