Image result for Fire experts call on Oswestry residents to register electrical appliances

Householders across the region are being strongly urged to register electrical appliances by fire safety experts.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service says people who register new and old appliances with the relevant manufacturer will greatly reduce the risk of a fire in their home.

The warning comes as part of Electrical Safety Week, a national campaign running from November 21 to 27, aimed at reducing the number of domestic fires caused by faulty and misused electrical appliances and fittings.

Across England there were a total of 18,375 electrical fires in 2015-16, causing 2,448 fatalities and injuries, an average of 47 each week and seven a day.

SFRS’s prevention Manager, Rabinder Dhami, said the public should register all their appliances, including the older ones.

“Everyone should put registering appliances at the top of their to-do list. Most manufacturers offer registration of older large white goods.

“You can check whether you can still register an older appliance by visiting the registration website. Registering an appliance could save your life or your family’s lives,” he said.

The website Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances is available at where you can find registration pages for 62 leading brands. The portal also provides valuable advice on correct maintenance, safe usage and installation, product standards and testing, guarantees and warranties, consumer rights, a product recall listing and the AMDEA Code of Practice on Product Safety.