GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) — UPDATE 12/31/17 @ 5:07 p.m. <‘b>
Fire crews rushed to a flooring business in flames Saturday night, but there was little they could do to save it.

Graf Brothers Flooring caught fire in South Shore. The owners say they got a call around 9:45 from a guard that smoke was coming out of one of the buildings.

Investigators say the 75,000 square foot building is a total loss.

Nearly 30 people work inside that business and the owners say they’re working to find other places within the company for them to work so they don’t lose their jobs.

The owner’s wife said crews couldn’t save the building from the inferno.

“There was nothing they could do,” explained Crystal Graf. “They told us when we got here that the building was going to burn to the ground. They just couldn’t control it.”

The building was still smoldering 12 hours after the blaze.

Crews are still working to determine what sparked that fire.