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The floor screed made of concrete is a popular and demanded technological solution for leveling the surface. But even such a durable material may crack over time, chipped and unevenness appears on it. The construction of a new screed is a long and time consuming process. It is much easier and cheaper to repair the concrete floor with epoxy resin. Such restoration is possible, even if the percentage of damage exceeds the third part of the area.

The Perfect Repairing for You

A good repair of the floor with epoxy may take several days, because it takes some time to solidify the material in the cracks. The first stage is the cleaning of the crack and its expansion. With the help of the Individual, the crack should be deepened and increased 5 mm wide in each direction.

The Use of the Hammer

Then, using a hammer and chisel to remove the crumbling segments of concrete is important. If the crack is large enough, it is additionally reinforced, making several transverse cuts. In the next step you will need a regular vacuum cleaner. Pipe remove from the crack all the remaining dust and crumbs of concrete. After that, the crack surface is primed with a solution of epoxy resin and hardener, and left for a period of up to 12 hours until completely solidified. The Stunning 3D Resin Floors are there for the same.

Filling the Crack

Fill the cracks with a mixture of epoxy and quartz sand fines. The proportions of the constituents may be different and depend on the required viscosity of the composition. Apply the mixture best with a spatula, carefully filling the entire space of the crack. At the same time, if necessary, reinforcement is installed in the crack to strengthen the screed. If the defect in the floor is very deep, the resin can be filled in several passes. At the end of work, the surface of the resin is leveled flush with the floor.

  • After the mixture has completely solidified, the surface of the filled crack is ground. If you want to achieve a good aesthetic effect, when grinding the resin layer is removed just below the floor level, and the missing volume is filled with epoxy resin with a dye in tone to the base color of the screed. If the discrepancy of color does not matter, then you can limit yourself to normal grinding to the floor level.

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