Decorate it the Bohemian way

When it comes to decorating a home, many thoughts float in, many inclinations vie for attention. But the chief character that stands out is the desire to bring in warmth. What ensues in the choice of décor is a combination of elements that can clash, but still offer a unique identity. The option then is either to pursue the seemingly chaotic features or confine to the more predictable conforming components.

Going Bohemian is being carefree, embracing the unusual, and incorporating the unconventional, be it in style, colours, patterns, or materials. You could think green or deep brown as the base colour and highlight it with fiery orange, electric blue, or saturated purple. You could mix patterns and textures that are totally opposite, styles that do not conform, accessories that are variant, the décor completely eclectic and unique.

Go vintage

Pick assorted cushions, fabrics, funky furniture, vintage items, and articles collected during travels, blending them all to reflect a varied statement of art, style and culture. The leaning here is deliberately vintage, the materials with a slightly worn out look, not damaged but not new and shiny either.

Period furniture is apt here and so are artwork, trinkets, mirrors, vases, unusual frames, and ethnic candle holders, collected during tours or even bought from the flea market. Furniture and accessories used in this décor style are not commonly available in a store. They are collected over time, second-hand, vintage items where each tell a story. Even the lighting in Bohemian décor is understated, with multiple lanterns, candles, floor and table lamps replacing exotic overhead fixtures. Handmade cushions, embroidery, beads, sequins, tassels, and quilts are all part of this customised, unique décor, textures and patterns cleverly mixed and matched to make a unique statement.

Even a clash of vibrant colours would totally blend in as would an array of patterns and textures. Even a combination of dark pink, turquoise blue, bright red and yellow with streaks of black and white, with both large and small prints, can feel totally at home in a Bohemian setting.

The artefacts on display can be equally assorted, free spirited, almost gypsy like. Items such as musical instruments, carved handmade artistic elements, photographs, village toys, antique weapons, and wood features are apt display items in this décor.

Colour splash

Dyed textiles and patterns from across the world, used as throws over furniture, as hanging tapestries, as floor rugs or wall art, can lend a feel of the exotic to the space. Since comfort is the key to a Bohemian space, straight-backed chairs are out of this décor. Relaxed seating such as floor cushions, chaises, and daybeds are more in order here.

Given the accent on vintage items and extraordinary elements in décor, the style need not shun modern furniture or artefacts. These can be cleverly blended in with the items on display and would serve to heighten the contrast and the eclectic nature of the space. Blending in a touch of modern seating would provide comfort and retain practicality.

Since colour serves as the key element, a neutral tone such as white could serve as the backdrop to enhance the richer hues in use. Also, ushering nature into the space adds to this style. Plants are thus an inherent part of this décor, making their presence in the form of ferns and hanging plants. Not only do plants improve air quality, they lend freshness and vibrancy to the space.