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September showers: Budget-friendly up-tick of the bathroom

Kya deLongchamps breaks down the potential issues and cost to kick up the feel, quality and style in a new shower-room. Installing a shower where the bath once held sway and throwing down new, white ware and tiling, is a favourite budget-friendly up-tick. Any renovation

20 Bathroom Organization Hacks to Maximize Space

Undoubtedly the bathroom is my least favorite room in the house to clean. Between the scrubbing, and the chemicals, and the flecks of who-knows-what splattered on the mirror and walls, I’d basically rather do any other chore before I clean the bathroom. However, I’ve

Mum’s super simple hack to stop her kids from wreaking havoc in bathroom

It might look cute in a Kleenex ad but any parent will tell you that chasing a child armed with a roll of toilet paper around the bathroom (or worse still – the house) is anything but fun… Thankfully, a Sydney mum has shared a simple hack to

Everyday cheapskate: How to rid your bathroom of hairspray overspray and more quick tips

Hairspray is wonderful for your hair and not so great on the floor, sink, walls, mirror and counter in your bathroom, where you get ready every morning. Unless you are diligent to go outside every time you spray your hair, it’s a good bet

Will you pay more than HK$7.8 million for this private bathroom?

WHO: Francis Sultana is an award-winning interior and furniture designer, with his eponymous company based in London. He is described as the go-to interior designer for international art collectors, with a reputation for merging residential requirements with large-scale visual art, sculpture and installation pieces. Alongside

Is It Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom the up-to-date sanctuary you’ve always hoped it to be? It can be. Mike Washington and the trained bathroom team from Ivy Lea Construction can make that a reality. source:-wkbw

Kidnapped actor allegedly trapped naked in a bathroom speaks: ‘I’m a survivor’

Joey Capone, an actor who was allegedly kidnappedalong with actress Daisy McCrackin from her home in L.A. on May 3, granted his first interview about the incident to ABC News, describing a harrowing ordeal that involved him being trapped naked in a bathroom for 30 hours. According to

People want Amazon’s Alexa on the toilet (and brands are listening)

Consumers are getting increasingly comfortable with voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. So comfortable, in fact, that they’re looking to use those assistants in their bathrooms — even while on the toilet. That’s according to public relations firm Walker Sands’

Va. Judge Rules in Favor of Teen in Transgender School Bathroom Case

A federal judge has denied a motion by a Virginia school board to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a transgender teenager who spent the majority of his high school career fighting to use the bathroom which aligned with his gender identity. Last week, Judge

11 ways to use Alexa speakers in the bathroom

Alexa speakers have already proven themselves useful all around the house. They’re awesome alarm clock replacements for your bedside table and work great as cooking assistants in the kitchen. They can help around the office or with your classes. One room you may not have considered adding an Alexa speaker to is the bathroom. Privacy