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Beautiful Lighting Structure by Mariam Ayvazyan

Architect Mariam Ayvazyan and her studio – Made in love, presented a project Fragrance. The slightly curved wooden frame of this ceiling light is enclosing white flowers, made of felted wool creating a beautiful structure that represents minimalist and clean aesthetics from nature. The

Little P Table Lamp by Schonbuch

Quality oak veneer lamp in various colours designed by Martin Hirth for Schönbuch. Thanks to its characteristic shape the lamp made of one-piece has a high recognition value. It’s magical: the LITTLE P table lamp. A friendly, well-distributed source of light, just as pleasant

Lay the perfect patio flooring

Choosing the right material for patio flooring can be tricky. From decking, bricks, paving or gravel – which is the best option for your garden? TERRIFIC TIMBER GETTY Decking is great for many situations such as uneven surfaces, slightly sloping sites and sunny areas. But in a shady spot the porous

Bart Shaw Architect Design Chic Boutique Space in Fort Worth, Texas

Pax & Parker is a new boutique fashion retailer. This is their first store located in Fort Worth, Texas; designed and decorated by Bart Shaw Architect. The design approach to the 1,340 SF space was to keep the majority of space minimal and focus

How to attract bees to your garden

Bees are key pollinators and their numbers are in decline. Without a healthy population there are serious implications for many garden plants and food crops. Sharon Jervis, the founder of giftware retailer Beefayre, offers advice on how to attract bees to your garden. Plant

Button Lamp – Sustainable and Futuristic Product by Francesc Rife

Estiluz has received the Red Dot 2016 Product Design Award for the Button suspension lamp. This practical, sustainable and futuristic product is created by Francesc Rifé. Button was already awarded with the #MetropolisLikes during ICFF 2015 in New York. The primary hallmark of this

10 tropical plants you can grow in the UK

It’s possible to get a tropical style garden without having to swathe your plants in bubble wrap every winter! These are the top tropical plants for a colder climate. 1. Chusan palm/Trachycarpus fortunei A really lovely palm (above) with fan-shaped leaves. This is a hardy plant

Porcelain Floor Tiles With Wood Effect

What kind of coverage you would choose – ceramic tile or wooden surface? That is that the company Fioranese offer a solution that combines both features. This is perhaps the most original creation byFioranese with regard to wood recreated in porcelain stoneware. This is

Stylish and Functional Floors – 2014 Trends

When considering interior design solutions  there is one very helpful note – Do not underestimate the importance of floor covering – rugs, carpets, parquet… whatever you decide to bring in your interior will have undoubted influence to the outcome of your home design. Also


Lighting may well be the key to everything – the ultimate determining factor in interior design. Below, we’ve featured our favourite lighting design ideas, from dramatic chandeliers and vintage lampshades to well-matched pendant lights and stylish table lamps. These illuminating schemes come from expertly