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Balamp – a smart Bedside Lamp

Andrea Cingoli Italian fashion designer wins the worldwide iF layout Award 2016 prize inside the lights product class with Balamp, a smart occasional table or bedside lamp that works similar to a balance: it activates and rancid on the based on the weight of

Giant out of doors collection via Anglepoise

Anglepoise unveil a new, better, and substantially extended massive collection, inclusive of the first giant out of doors series, a new massive wall mounted lamp with variations for indoor and out of doors use. For the first time, the original 1227™ large has been

Oivind Slaatto Created a brand new unusual Patera mild for Louis Poulsen

“Patera became born of my fascination with the Fibonacci collection. you may find the spiral pattern anyplace you appearance in nature – inside the seed formation in sunflowers and pine cones, as an instance – and it has formerly stimulated Leonardo da Vinci, Johan


Lighting may well be the key to everything – the ultimate determining factor in interior design. Below, we’ve featured our favourite lighting design ideas, from dramatic chandeliers and vintage lampshades to well-matched pendant lights and stylish table lamps. These illuminating schemes come from expertly

Garden Lamp of Metal and Glass by Christian Piccolo

High profile shapes, squared lines for sceneries with great identity. Inspired by toy soldiers game, Game is a garden lamp with a material mark and strongly modern. A surprising volume, a contemporary artwork that enchants for its unique inclination and squared shapes. This collection

Stainless Steel Wall Light by Paolo Ulian

Arianna Collection are playful and practical. Arianna is like a spool on to which to wind or unwind the electric cable, allowing it reach every corner of the room. [Source:- Interiorzine]

Fiberglass Outdoor Lighting

An hand-made experience with eco-friendly material-fibreglass, to create a unique light. This lighting is based on the concept of simplicity and purity. Designer Sandro Santantonio has created the Hand Made Collection for manufacturer Lucente. [Source:- Interiorzine]

Innovative Woven Pendant Lamp

The designer Morten Voss uses materials in an innovative combination. Simple design and monochromatic colors make the lamps extremely suitable for the modern eclectic home. Aeon Rocket lamp combine metal and polypropylene in a single pattern. This unique blend of materials creates harmonious proportions

Table Integrated with Lighting

It is clever it is trendy! This is a bedside table integrated with a light designed by A43. Design of small furniture is a test for any designer. And this table is an example of a combination of materials such as glass, wood and

Sculptural Light Installation for Public Areas

Heathfield & Co has created light installations designed to create sculptural focal points for public areas within the large interior spaces. Chris Fox is the leader of the design team which  produced large-scale compositions of lights  suitable for public area spaces after hotel lobbies,