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If your home seems to lack character and personality, perhaps it’s time you tapped into different types of lighting to create different moods. The right lighting is essential to create the right feel in every room. If the light is too bright, a room

It’s the 30th anniversary of Billy Joel’s glorious “quit lighting the audience” freakout

Billy Joel’s a notoriously prickly figure, the kind of guy who’s burned enough lovers and interviewers to forever cement his legacy as a “difficult person.” Regardless, the man’s a star, even today. Since 2014, lest we forget, he’s sold out Madison Square Garden 40 times. He

Beautiful Lighting Structure by Mariam Ayvazyan

The slightly curved wooden frame of this ceiling light is enclosing white flowers, made of felted wool creating a beautiful structure that represents minimalist and clean aesthetics from nature. The LED lights, enclosed in crystal and hung on thick red wires, glow vibrantly, achieving

Furniture Meets Light: Empty by VIBIA

EMPTY was designed by Xuclà, its rational structure, and architectonic language are combined in a sophisticated manner for outdoor spaces both green and urban settings. EMPTY achieves this complete spatial integration thanks to its simple straight lines, acting as either auxiliary table or stool

3D Printed Cubic Light by Mariam Ayvazyan

This cubical table lamp is printed on a 3D printer and presents a complex geometrical structure of crystal lattice. Arrays of regularly spaced interconnected white spheres are increasing in size diagonally. Inside the Cube, there is a cluster of LED lights. This structure diffuses

Innovative Materials and Refined Silhouette at Mayfair Lamp by VIBIA

Past and future come together in the present, bringing modern advances to the essential and authentic values of the past. The Mayfair collection by VIBIA is designed to improve the illumination of private spaces, by integrating traditional elements, reinterpreted through technological progress. The original inspiration

Cervantes Light by LZF

The Cervantes light from LZF is a noble design, one whose form is both splendid and sublime. This truly contemporary lamp is crafted with modern-day skill and technological innovation. At the same time, Cervantes makes reference to a centuries-old Spanish novelist and dramatist, Señor

Collection of Lights Based on a Bell Shaped Module

French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec present the Chains collection with Galerie Kreo, which showcases a continuation of forms that the brothers have been developing for many years. Representing key aspects of their research, the lighting designs typify traits of modules, assembly and the

LZF’s Handmade Wood Lamps in Set of Creative Images

Photographers Nienke Klunder and Wiglius de Bie have produced a photographic montage for LZF that juxtaposes fragments of several art movements, including Surrealism, De Stijl, and Modern. With dramatic effect, Klunder and de By present a number of LZF’s handmade wood lamps in a series

ICON HONORS Call for Entries Open

Call for entries is now open for ICON HONORS. Produced by AmericasMart Atlanta in partnership with the Gift & Home Trade Assn. (GHTA) and Progressive Business Media, and in affiliation with Gift For Life, ICON HONORS is conferred annually in July in conjunction with