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Your guide to creating the perfect garden gym

The number of health conscious people in the UK is on the up and commercial gyms can be incredibly busy at peak times. With costly memberships and families trying to juggle the demands of modern life, more and more are creating their own workout

How to take care of your orangery, conservatory and garden room this winter

The winter months are some of the most exciting and yearned for; crisp country walks, cosy log fires and chunky blankets. But if you are lucky enough to have a conservatory, orangery or garden room, the winter season can pose a threat. In order

How to care for your orchids: maintenance tips and what not to do

There are over 25,000 types of orchids, and contrary to popular belief, they are extremely easy to look after. To a certain degree, the orchid actually appreciates negligence, and while bringing instant colour to your home, with the right care, they can give a long-lasting flower

How to create the perfect winter garden wonderland

The festive season may be here but don’t neglect your outside space. While you’re busy beautifying your home and getting your tree ready, you can also create a magical space in your garden. In fact, all it takes is a little planning and activity.

Orchids: 3 trends you need to know about this winter

Orchids can be relished all year round due to its wide variety in shades, shapes and sizes, and this winter, they are the perfect centrepiece for your home. An orchid instantly adds atmosphere to your interior, and thanks to more than 25,000 varieties, there


VIBRANT PLANTS FOR END OF YEAR COLOUR Salvias are fantastic to drop into borders to fill gaps after earlier flowers such as lupins and poppies have faded. Due to their long flowering periods they’re perfect for jazzing up clumps of asters, anemones. Half of them


THESE HARDY BULBS PRODUCE JEWEL-LIKE BLOOMS IN EARLY SPRING Few gardeners plant many of the 75 species of the wild dwarf tulip, yet they make charming plants for pots, fronts of borders and rock gardens, where they usually form clumps and sometimes even seed themselves. Some of these

Create a Dazzling display

GATHER AUTUMN BOUNTY FOR FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS There’s so much that can be gleaned from the garden to make your own seasonal display, in the brightest of colours down to the beautiful mute browns reminiscent of this time of year. Even plants that have died and faded

Make your garden wildlife-friendly this winter

During the colder months your outdoor space can be a safe haven for birds, insects and hedgehogs.  Follow these simple tips to make your garden wildlife friendly. For hibernating wildlife, food isn’t so important once winter has set in but for birds the food

Plant indoor bulbs to flower for Christmas

This is the perfect time to plant indoor bulbs to ensure they provide a fabulous display on the big day. The golden rule is to make sure you get hold of ‘prepared’ or ‘treated’ bulbs which have been primed to flower quickly once you