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Gardening Tips from the High Plains Food Bank

Since August 2009, the Garden project has served as a full production urban farm and the cornerstone of our Nutrition Education Program. In 2010, the one-acre site produced 20,000 lbs of fresh produce including watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, beans, and many herbs.

Gardening sans soil

Though soil has always been the most natural medium for growing plants, it comes with a host of problems. As garden soil is a living, breathing material, it often contains harmful bacteria and is the source of many soil-borne diseases. Battling these pests is

Gardening Etcetera: ‘Tis the season to dream of future gardens

Now is the season of dreams, when gardeners flip through seed catalogs circling enticing pictures. As a child I did the same with the Sears catalog, until the toy section was filled with black marker. My parents pointed out that since I’d circled everything,

Gardening: Want eye-popping Clematis blooms? Follow this step-by-step guide

Clematis are among the most stunning climbers, with flowers ranging from delicate bells to blousy show-stoppers. Those who want a dazzling display of large blooms will often opt for the large hybrids known as Group 2 clematis, which flower firstly in spring and early

Gardening: 5 ways to succeed with ‘boring’ conifers

CONIFERS may have a reputation for being boring, but they add valuable colour and structure in winter. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when planting, according to plant specialist 1. Beware of pruning potted trees: The right location is

Seed catalogs spark mid-winter gardening excitement

FARGO — It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. No, it’s not an announcement from Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. It’s the arrival of seed catalogs in mid-winter. You might say it’s the official kick-off of the 2018 gardening season. But proceed with caution: it’s

Gardening: 5 of the best garden gloves

We look at 5 of the best garden gloves Gardening gauntlets cream leather and English rose linen, £27.95, Garden in style with these gorgeous, luxurious, lightweight gloves with cuffs crafted in English linen and leather, pictured right. The long, floral linen cuffs are

Monrovia® Predicts 8 Trends Influencing the Gardening World in 2018

Pitch perfect pines, garden tribalism, and the impact of soil regeneration science on the home garden are all top gardening trends for 2018, according to Monrovia, the leading grower of premium garden plants in the United States. “In 2018, the garden will be a

Gardening: fresh veg for the Christmas table

Gardens play such an important part in our lives throughout the year, so nothing could be more rewarding than bringing a tiny part of them indoors for Christmas. You can enjoy this as part of your feast or a table decoration. Get a buzz

How gardening can make us happier and healthier

If anyone doubts gardeners are a happy bunch, just visit a garden center in May. Shoppers high with spring fever swarm greenhouses, giddy as they fill their carts with the fervor of a rabbit eating a fresh rhododendron. Claiming that gardening improves people’s lives