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Dunn County gardening seminar slated for March 2

Sally Schendel, president of the Dunn County Master Gardeners Association, and Master Gardeners Mike Schendel and Howard Lee hold a poster promoting the Master Gardener program. CONTRIBUTED, Phil Diser Local gardeners interested in beautifying their gardens with hydrangeas and those who find their gardening

Gardening: Stealing ideas from a Chinese garden

Winter is a time for gardeners to rest. No weeding, no mowing, no moving plants from one bed to another. But now is a good time for planning what changes one can make in the garden come spring and summer. I like to reflect

Winter gardening tips with the Weekend Gardener

While January doesn’t seem like the time for gardeners to get excited, most are buzzing with excitement right now says NEWS 95.7’s Weekend Gardener Nikki Jabour. “This is seed catalogue season and at this point, I think any gardener in your family, they don’t want

Year-round gardening: Plant bulbs now for spring color

Gardeners are optimists. We know that planting hardy bulbs now will bring us flowers in spring — tulips, daffodils, crocus, squills, hyacinths, fritillaria and alliums, to name a few. Bulbs should be in the ground four to six weeks before the ground freezes. In

Gardening tips: plant Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’

Plant this Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ is a stalwart of a “hot” border, producing generous explosions of scarlet flowers against stiff iris-like foliage in late summer. It makes a wonderful cut flower, too. Grow in full sun or partial shade in any reasonably fertile soil. Height and spread

Gardening: Larkspur to the rescue

Stone House Garden made it through the garden walk and by all accounts it was a great success. Folks loved the color and diversity of plants. The purple garden is always the fave of visitors and this year it was a challenge due again

Vegan gardening. Yes, it’s a thing

With animal products out of bounds for vegan gardeners, what do they use? “Certainly not blood and bone!” Fiona Harman, who has a micro-organic farm near Oxford in the North Canterbury foothills, is almost spluttering down the phone. “I don’t think I would ever use it

Apartment-friendly garden accessories to get your green thumb on

Your home is your sanctuary. Your choice of decor has an impact upon the overall energy of your space, and adding a little greenery is one of the easiest ways to truly transform a house or apartment into a home. In fact, studies have shown that

North Coast Gardening: Entice butterflies to your garden

Summertime and the butterflies are flying. These days, you may have noticed the big yellow and black butterflies, the Western swallowtails, flitting about your yard. The overwintering chrysalises have opened and butterflies now fill meadows and local gardens alike. Perhaps you would like to

How gardening cured one woman’s anxiety

Is that your garden?’ my friend Michele, who was smoking a cigarette out of our kitchen window, gestured down at the bramble jungle below that was, technically, our garden. ‘What a waste,’ he said. He was staying with us in north London while he