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Hudco to donate weed cleaning boat to maintain city lakes

As the rains have brought alarming growth of weeds in the city water bodies, Housing and Urban Development Corporation (Hudco) has come up with a noble move. Hudco has expressed its willingness to donate a weed cleaning boat to the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC).

CINDY DAY: Cleaning the air, one drop at a time

For many, Thursday’s cold front was, well, a breath of fresh air. It certainly put an end to the oppressive heat and humidity. I overheard a number of people saying they hoped the storms would “clear the air.” I grew up hearing people say

Minister orders audit into school cleaning shambles

Every Melbourne state school will be audited amid concerns some cleaners have had their pay cut and are struggling to do their job. Education Minister James Merlino announced the audit after The Age revealed parents were complaining about dirty schools and some cleaners were being paid

ATS gives Quala greater depth in tankcar and high-hazard cleaning services

ALPHA Technical Services (ATS) has to be one of the most diversified and specialized operations in the Quala portfolio. It also is one of the largest in physical size. Acquired by Quala in mid-2017, ATS occupies a roughly 30-acre site in Pasadena, Texas. The

County hoping cleaning ditches means fewer floods

County of Grande Prairie Council has approved borrowing $1.9-million for what is being called an enhanced ditch cleaning program. This would see topsoil that was washed into the ditches during flooding dug up and put back onto farmer’s fields. Public Works Director Dale VanVolkingburgh says

Why Baking Soda Is A Miracle Cleaner & Exactly How To Use It

We’ve long known that baking soda is a miracle ingredient when it comes to home and beauty DIYs, but we didn’t realize just how versatile it was until The Natural Home: Simple, Pure Cleaning Solutions and Recipes for a Healthy House landed in our office. This

You’ve been ‘wasting money’ on THIS cleaning product… so here’s what you should be using instead

A colony of germs can grow back to its original size within hours of getting zapped by an antibacterial spray – making them less effective than bar soap. GETTY – CONTRIBUTOR 2 A top scientist has warned that Brits are spending a fortune on

The cleaning product you shouldn’t be using

IF YOU thought using antibacterial wipes were keeping your home germ free, we’ve got some bad news. A scientist from Northumbria University in the UK has told The Telegraph that people are wasting their money buying antibacterial wipes and sprays, as common germs can grow back

Swedish death cleaning disrupts natural accumulation of junk

The belongings people acquire over the course of their lives are representative of who they are and how they will be remembered when they are gone. Alternatively, one Swedish woman is eager to let go of clutter, which she believes is more of a

Q&A: Cleaning Expert Shares Insights Into Housewares Niche

Growing up, Melissa Maker was not a fan of cleaning. After graduating with a degree in business administration and trying her hand in the corporate world, she decided she wanted to start her own business. “I wanted to start a business that was fun, pretty, exciting