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Four things that are dumb about so-called “smart” appliances

Gone are the days when a refrigerator’s only function was to keep your food cool. These days, that fridge and just about every other appliance is “smart.” But, what does that really mean? Sure, smart devices are connected to Wi-Fi, allowing us to control some

The people to follow for some Insta interiors inspiration

Instagram’s 800m-plus users feature plenty of people to love from the interior world. From professionals and amateurs at home and much further afield, here’s Carol O’Callaghan’s pick of who to follow. As a latecomer to Instagram and its 800m users, it took news of the astonishing

Canberra man jailed after drugs, cash found in kitchen appliances

The vigilance of police sniffer dogs has landed a Canberra man in jail for nearly seven years, after they led their handlers to a large haul of drugs and money hidden under the man’s oven. Nathan James Davidson pleaded guilty to five charges in

Secrets to Saving Money on Appliances Highlight the Reasons to Seek Out Quality Repair Services, says DG Appliance Service

A May 5articlein the Watertown Daily Times offers ten tips to saving money on the purchase of a new appliance. San Fernando Valley based DG Appliance Service says that it definitely makes sense to shop around for the best possible deal on a new appliance.

Household appliances caused hundreds of fires in Cambridgeshire homes

Cookers, stand-alone hobs and toasters are the domestic appliances most likely to start fires in Cambridgeshire, according to new figures released by the Home Office. They show that 665 house fires were started by a household appliance in the area covered by Cambridge Fire

Why Are Australian Retailers Embracing European Over Japanese Made Appliances?

There is something to be said for ‘Japanese Made’ when it comes to appliances. I recently spent two weeks in Japan staying in a house that was full of Japanese designed and made appliances and there is no doubt in my mind that Japanese

Google Assistant grows hookup list to over 5K smart home devices, appliances

It’s been a busy four months for Google’s connected home voice assistant. Since January 2018 the Google Assistant connection list grew quickly from 1,500 devices. Now you can say “Hey Google” to more than 5,000 smart home devices, the company reports. Google said it now has

Stop and look at these Dolce & Gabbana-designed appliances

\ Smeg Smeg, an Italian appliance manufacturer known for vivid colors and retro design, will release an expanded line of large and small appliances designed by Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, the companies announced this week. The collection of appliances is called Sicily is My Love, and is

10 secrets to saving money on kitchen appliances

By Daniel Bortz May 1 It’s no secret that a kitchen appliance is a major purchase. So if you’re on the hunt, you’ll want to learn some of these clever money-saving tips from industry insiders. Don’t focus on seasonal sales You don’t want to wait until

Memmert appliances ICHeco and ICPeco now CO2-cooled

Memmert introduced two temperature control appliances with climate-neutral CO2 as the refrigerant. The ICHeco climate chamber and the ICPeco cooled incubator are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more efficient and economical to maintain than appliances cooled with fluorinated greenhouse gases. With the gradual