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7 Reasons to Rethink Buying Appliances at Superstores

When you decide to buy a new washing machine, fridge or power tool, it may seem only natural to make your local superstore your first stop. But purchasing a complex piece of machinery is not the same as picking up some paint or wallpaper,

Season sale alert: Appliance-makers plan steep discounts, flash deals; but some may vanish in seconds

Picture this. You could get a TV at almost a 70-75 percent discount in a flash deal that will vanish in seconds. Or, you could get a chance to win Rs 4 crore if you are lucky. These are just some of the offers

Flipkart expands delivery reach by 80% for large appliances

E-commerce firm Flipkart on Sunday said it has expanded delivery reach by 80 per cent to cover almost all pin codes in India for large appliances, ahead of its big billion day sales, starting from September 29. The company claims that it has increased its reach to around

Atomberg to launch new range of home appliances

The ceiling fan maker will introduce mixer, grinder and air coolers, among others Atomberg Technologies, which is into manufacturing of smart and energy-efficient ceiling fans, is looking to launch other home appliances such as mixer, grinder and air coolers. The Mumbai-headquartered start-up founded by

Here’s When Your Appliances Are Most Likely to Break Down

No, the answer isn’t when you can least afford it. Knowing when appliances are more likely to undergo stress can help save you from a home emergency. Work becomes extra hard for people when it’s too hot outside, and it’s the same for how

Samsung takes on home appliances with its Ikea-like modular fridge and more

Samsung has been making waves at IFA 2019 with its relaunched Galaxy Fold and compact 8K TV, but it didn’t show up at Europe’s biggest tech conference with only consumer electronics in tow. The company brought along a selection of appliances too, including some innovative concepts that could get

When to replace or repair a broken appliance

If a major appliance, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, quits working, a locally based consumers’ group advises you not assume it needs to be replaced even if it is a few years old. “There’s a lot of bad information out there that

What Should I Look for When Choosing New Appliances?

I just recently moved into my first home in Canada after living in apartments during school for a few years. The home was built in the 90s, and while everything is structurally sound, the home has appliances that are over 15 years old. I

Appliances That Are Cheaper to Replace Than to Fix

Everyday appliances that help you function in life are always going to break down, usually at the most inopportune time. It’s vital to know when it’s better to replace rather than fix a major item. Every product is independently selected by our editors. If

These dust covers are great decorations for your big appliances

If you’ve ever gotten up on a ladder to dust your refrigerator, you know just how much grime big appliances can collect. This large appliance dust cover is a stylish solution that makes cleaning your kitchen or laundry room a little bit easier. How It Works