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India Inc sees traditional risks as most crucial to business

ICICI Lombard survey shows cyber risk comes at fifth spot A majority of India Inc believes that traditional risks such as those to property and assets are most crucial to their businesses with cyber risk is seen as the fifth biggest challenge. A new

Snow turns to rain as Britain sees return to ‘more traditional winter’ weather after big freeze

The Neenan family enjoy sledging down the hills of the Brecon BeaconsPhoto: Ben Birchall/PA The big freeze which has gripped much of the country will be replaced by rain and wind as Britain returns to a “more traditional winter”. Snow, ice and plunging temperatures

Hawraman celebrates traditional Pir Shalyar winter fest

People from many parts of Kurdistan gather in the Hawraman region of western Iran for the traditional winter ceremony of Pir Shalyar. Locals believe Pir Shalywar was a sage who in ancient times cured the ailing daughter of a long whom he subsequently married,

Alternatives To Traditional College: Two-Year Vocational Business Schools –Become A Court Reporter

Total college enrollments in America’s institutions of higher education are lower today than in 2012, in large part because a growing number of Americans think traditional universities are too expensive. They see a high risk of either not completing a degree or having difficulty

Traditional and renewable energy ‘at odds’ in Connecticut

HARTFORD – Renewable energy producers say the state’s electricity is cleaner than ever, but the struggle with traditional power sources continues. “Renewable and traditional energy industry is at odds,” said Mike Trahan, executive director of Solar Connecticut. “Both can work together for the betterment

Almost half UK’s kids prefer YouTube to traditional TV, the influencers have won

YouTube is rapidly becoming the de facto source of entertainment for the UK’s children. A study by the country’s independent communications regulator, Ofcom, found that 49 per cent of kids aged between 8 and 15 prefer YouTube over traditional programming viewed on a television set.

Symposium on traditional food, health 26 January

A symposium on traditional food and health will be organised by Semparuthi Nature Health Group at Madras Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology, Kumanan Chavady (Near Savitha Medical College, Poonamallee High Road) on 26 January, from 10 am to 4 pm. At the symposium,

Qalipu band looking to tell traditional stories of how Newfoundland locations were used and enjoyed

The Mi’kmaq language, especially when it comes to place names, is a descriptive one. Often, the proper names given to places describe a geographical feature or a particular land use the location was known for. For example, Ktaqmkuk — the Mi’kmaq word for Newfoundland

Iceland’s traditional turf houses

A turf church in Árbæjarsafn in Reykjavik. Ómar Óskarsson When looking at pictures from Iceland, small and cute looking turf houses are bound to come up. Due to lack of trees in Iceland, building out of turf was a popular building material and thick turf

Sachin Pilot Wears Traditional Turban While Taking Oath After 2014 Pledge

Deputy CM Of Rajasthan: Sachin Pilot was sworn in today as Rajasthan’s deputy chief minister Jaipur: In a declaration that the Congress was back in the saddle, Rajasthan’s new deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot, who had pledged not to wear a turban till his party