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Big reveal: $529K for a spacious Tudor City 1BR with modern updates

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a spacious one-bedroom in Tudor City—is asking $529,000. Among the many guesses, it was Eulipian (who wasn’t impressed with the apartment) who came the closest by guessing $526,000. The co-op is located within a full-service building at 333 East 43rd Street (which, according to Google

A delicious affair of modern Orient

Triple 8 attempts to break away from the usual trappings and notions associated with an Oriental restaurant. It serves a mélange of Orient and Japanese fare, and with chef Vivek Rana at the helm our expectations were high. After all, he has worked under

Ethiopia PM wants a more professional army, equipped for modern warfare

Hardly a day after human rights group Amnesty International called for the disbandment of a notorious paramilitary police unit in Ethiopia, the prime minister Abiy Ahmed has called for reforms in the country’s defence forces. In a discussion with senior members of the Ethiopian

The Carpenter Vs. The Gardener: Two Models Of Modern Parenting

arents these days are stressed. So are their kids. The root of this anxiety, one scholar says, is the way we understand the relationship between parents and children. Alison Gopnik, a psychology and philosophy professor at the University of California, Berkeley, thinks parents—especially middle-class parents—view

Nail salons used as a front for modern slavery

The police have warned that British high street nail salons are operating as a front for organised crime, including trafficking and slavery. The salons – particularly Vietnamese nail bars – are using their cash-only structure to launder money from cannabis farms and prostitution. According

We analysed 101 companies’ statements on modern slavery – here’s what we found

Modern slavery includes human trafficking, servitude and forced labour, and tens of millions of people around the world are thought to be affected. It affects people in both developing countries and developed countries, including the UK. Businesses can play a major role in either facilitating modern slavery or

Young have helped Ireland enter the modern world

You can parse this victory any way you like, but its main ingredient was time. Time to enter the modern world. The 35 years between the insertion of the Eighth Amendment and the vote for its removal, to be exact. Most of the people

Nehru the architect of modern India: Pranab

Former President Pranab Mukherjee paid rich tributes to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, on his death anniversary here on Sunday, saying that but for him, India would have gone down the path of other newly liberated countries of Asia and Africa. He was

The Growing Crisis In Modern Finance

In this article, I interview two distinguished professors and practitioners of mathematical finance, David H. Bailey, Ph.D. of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (retired) and the University of California at Davis, and Marcos Lopez de Prado, Ph.D., of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Chief Executive

Maredu Ramu and his modern canvas

Maredu Ramu on his landscapes and why his art works don’t tell a story The last time we met Maredu Ramu a few years ago, the youngster was fresh from college and bursting with emotions. While a meditative Buddha that occupied his colourscape, the