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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is next year’s game – reports

According to a couple of reports online, Call of Duty 2019 is Modern Warfare 4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is Infinity Ward’s current project, due for release in 2019. According to Gaming Intel and Charlie Intel reports, the upcoming game will feature a traditional single-player campaign

A Victorian Water Tower-Turned-Modern-Home in London

LISTING OF THE DAY Location: Kennington, London, U.K. Price: £3.6 million (US$4.96 million) This former Victorian water tower in the London borough of Lambeth has been turned into an architecturally impressive single-family home. The transformation of the Grade II-listed structure, built in 1877, was

Chicken nuggets: The iconic symbol of the modern era?

The 1960s had Beatlemania, the 1980s had jazzercise, and 2018 is apparently the year of chicken nuggets. According to recent British research, the almighty chicken nugget has been dubbed the symbol of the modern era. On average, New Zealanders consume 43 kilograms of chicken

Richard Long review – modern primitive sees the cosmos reflected in mud

Mud is not a promising medium to draw with. It is dull, thick, unpromising stuff. A muddy drawing sounds like a vague and boring one. Miraculously, however – or maybe just because he’s spent 50 years making art in and of the land –

Ancient ancestors of modern baleen whales were toothy not-so-gentle giants

The largest living whales – including the gigantic 30-metre blue whale – are fast predatory hunters that support their massive bodies by filtering large volumes of tiny prey from cool near-polar waters. They do this using baleen: plates of a tough substance hanging from

Historic London Townhouse is a Masterpiece of Modern Interior Design

Having most recently been used as commercial offices, the six-level residence was left in a dilapidated state. Ms. Solland took on the challenge of reinstating its historic layout, which included creating large reception rooms and extending the basement level to create a 40-foot long

This modern-day sacking of Rome

HIGHS AND WOES Considering they bossed the first 20 and final 10 minutes of Tuesday’s 5-2 defeatat the hands of Liverpool, Roma got no more and no less than they deserved from their trip to Anfield. For the hour in between, they also got just

Harmonising AYUSH and modern medicine: Can India learn from China?

It was estimated by the World Health Organisation that during the eighties, “in many countries, 80 per cent or more of the population living in rural areas (were) cared for by traditional practitioners and birth attendants.” The decades that followed saw an unprecedented expansion of biomedicine/western/modern

Modern Montauk Estate Hits Market for $21 Million

A modern four-acre, oceanfront estate in Montauk, New York, has been listed for sale for $21 million. The owner is Michael Hirtenstein, a real estate investor and telecom mogul. He purchased the compound, which is comprised of two separate, contiguous lots, in 2013 for

Why is modern TV so confusing?

Marcella is an ITV crime drama with a titular cop whose dark personal life gives her a unique insight into her investigations, just like every other titular cop in every other ITV crime drama since the beginning of the universe. Yet viewers expecting a