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Adam West’s campy Batman was a joy. Modern superheroes – why so serious?

  Adam West and Burt Ward. Photograph: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images Monday 19 June 2017 13.16 BSTLast modified on Monday 19 June 2017 15.30 BST We all know that the character of Batman is the 21st-century version of Hamlet. It’s a given. Every great Hollywood actor

Work Smarter: 8 Ways to Boost Focus in a Home Office

Hardly anyone has enough willpower to completely ignore what’s going on around them. That’s because paying attention to anything that might endanger or otherwise affect our lives in any way was vital to humans’ early survival. Even today our biology prevents us from completely

This Startup Might Have The Blueprint For Your House

Decorating a whole house or even one’s own bedroom isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  From the sea of data on the internet, it is so hard to find out how you want the place you’ll live to look like. It’s your house and it

Five Things to Know For Starting Up in the Home Interiors Industry in India

The working population in India drives consumption, and demographics suggest that a good part of it is at a life stage where they would be buying their first home. Real Estate in India may be in a slump, but the people who buy houses

A Sculptural, Simple Prefab Home in Sweden

Think low-cost homes are boring and lacking inspiration? Think again! The Happy Cheap prototype for inexpensive prefab homes proves that affordable home design can look attractive and use space wisely. Not only that, but they can be integrated beautifully into the landscape. Created by Swedish

Getting Your Home Holiday-Ready

Having everyone over for the holidays may have seemed like a good idea when you agreed to it last year. Back then, there was plenty of time to redo the guest room, fix the leaky kitchen faucet and upgrade the powder room. But with

Natural Allure: 25 Home Offices that Celebrate the Charm of Live-Edge Décor

It is always hard to match the beauty and textural uniqueness of natural materials and when it comes to home design and décor, wood definitely is makes a big difference. Natural wooden surfaces bring along with them a raw, rustic charm and magnetism that

Cozy Apartment in Kiev Center by Diff.Studio

Ukrainian designers Iryna Dzhemesiuk and Vitaliy Yurov from Diff.Studio sent us their new project located in Kiev, Ukraine – luxury and cozy apartment interior. The main feature of this space is the complete missing of partitions in the second level of the apartment. That is

Urban Apartment in Busy Moscow by Ruetemple

Small, contemporary apartment located in busy Moscow, Russia. A place that is young, simple, modern and full of light. This creation of Ruetemple is an excellent example of how small urban dwelling can seem much larger and dynamically modern yet at the same time

Amazingly Functional Apartment Pujades11 in Barcelona

We always had a “soft spot” for contemporary Barcelona interior design. This new project of StudioP10 andMiel Arquitectos presents us with a luminous, fresh and cheerful ambiance that through stretching the apartment’s physical dimensions and limits and utilizing clever quirks offers not only vibrant