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‘Modern Family’ star Sarah Hyland promises show will have ‘bigger thing’ coming after character’s death

Actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sarah Hyland — who play Mitchell Pritchett and Haley Dunphy, respectively, on the ABC sitcom — let slip some details about the show on Friday. A “bigger thing than the death” is approaching, Hyland, 27, told the Hollywood Reporter,

Modern workplaces demand you be quick when it comes to delivery but remain quality-obsessed

Even the most cursory glance at any company brochure repeatedly throws up the word “excellence” or synonyms of it. The pursuit of excellence, perfection and rigour are much-celebrated aspirations, as they should be. Performance appraisal systems across companies and industries also stress on individual

Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Vote Is The Most Partisan In Modern History

The Senate’s confirmation vote of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to become the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court was the most partisan in modern history. The 50-48 tally continues a trend in which confirmations have devolved into strict party-line votes. While political pundits spent

Modern politics is a Trojan horse in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes place in ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War, in which both Sparta and Athens are riven by internal political strife, even as they attempt to destroy one another. But there are moments in the game when the politics feel familiar to

Data Literacy And The Modern Enterprise

What exactly is data literacy, and how do we get there? In the context of an enterprise organization, data literacy takes on a plethora of meanings and prompts a string of questions. Do you know what your data is showing you? Are you asking the

TDO designs offices for The Modern House inside 20th-century church hall

The office is located in the borough of Southwark, set within a former church hall that dates back to 1931. Measuring at 231 square metres, the new open-plan workspace is intended to help The Modern House – which specialises in selling design-focused properties – accommodate their growing

Tania Bruguera explains Tate Modern’s new Turbine Hall installation

A new art installation opens today at the Tate Modern. There’s just one snag – you can’t actually see it. Walk in to the Turbine Hall and you’ll find a plain black floor. The portrait hidden underneath can only be revealed using body heat.

So, Who’s Modern Family Killing Off This Season?

The Grim Reaper has finally come for a member of the Pritchett-Dunphy clan, and no amount of intervening from the ABC overlords can prevent it. In the upcoming tenth season of Modern Family— which will likely be its last, but who knows anymore — a “significant” character

This may just be the most modern treehouse escape ever

Whether one wants to enjoy a good novel, go swimming or take in the stupendous views, the Willow Treehouse, just 15 minutes from the town of Woodstock in New York, proves to an amazing escape. Overlooking the pond, this futuristic wooden building was designed

How to awaken your curiosity with travel – tips from a modern wayfarer

Henry Miller once famously wrote: “One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.” That was over 60 years ago, yet still holds true today. Travel broadens the mind, opens us up to new experiences and changes how