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Amazon Pre-Black Friday 2018: 4 Deals On Alexa-Equipped Accessories

Amazon’s Alexa just celebrated its fourth birthday the other day.  Alexa has evolved from being essentially a hands-free gimmick to become one of the most advanced virtual assistants on the market. Just look at the figures. In 2016, Alexa could only respond to around

In War on Haze, Indonesia Has New Ally: Tribespeople

Indonesia is recruiting tribespeople to help fight outbreaks of haze with a government deal designed to tap into traditional ways of containing forest fires. The region suffers every dry season from a haze caused by smoldering fires, often set deliberately to clear land for

Traditional Economy: Definition, Characteristics and Examples

At first glance, the term “traditional economy” would appear to mean the market-focused U.S. economy Americans have experienced for hundreds of years. Yet a deeper look reveals a significantly different meaning of a traditional economy, one that relies more on culture, customs and local

‘Modern Family’ star Sarah Hyland promises show will have ‘bigger thing’ coming after character’s death

Actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sarah Hyland — who play Mitchell Pritchett and Haley Dunphy, respectively, on the ABC sitcom — let slip some details about the show on Friday. A “bigger thing than the death” is approaching, Hyland, 27, told the Hollywood Reporter,

A Faster Path To Success: Alternatives To The Traditional Startup/VC Route

I have been an early-stage tech guy my whole career since graduating from Columbia Business School during height of the dotcom boom. At heart, I am little bit of a contrarian and very much a value investor. For that reason, I was looking for

The Death Of The Traditional Feedback Survey

If you’re in a successful business, you likely use surveys in some way. Whether you’re collecting customer feedback, testimonials, NPS scores or implicit memory associations, your surveys form the foundation of product development efforts, branding and customer service. It doesn’t matter who you are

Modern workplaces demand you be quick when it comes to delivery but remain quality-obsessed

Even the most cursory glance at any company brochure repeatedly throws up the word “excellence” or synonyms of it. The pursuit of excellence, perfection and rigour are much-celebrated aspirations, as they should be. Performance appraisal systems across companies and industries also stress on individual

Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Vote Is The Most Partisan In Modern History

The Senate’s confirmation vote of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to become the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court was the most partisan in modern history. The 50-48 tally continues a trend in which confirmations have devolved into strict party-line votes. While political pundits spent

Modern politics is a Trojan horse in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes place in ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War, in which both Sparta and Athens are riven by internal political strife, even as they attempt to destroy one another. But there are moments in the game when the politics feel familiar to

Data Literacy And The Modern Enterprise

What exactly is data literacy, and how do we get there? In the context of an enterprise organization, data literacy takes on a plethora of meanings and prompts a string of questions. Do you know what your data is showing you? Are you asking the