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UK govt fund set up to combat modern day slavery globally, including India

A UK government backed fund set up to combat modern day slavery across the world has announced a grant of up to 800,000 pounds each for a new set of projects, including one in India. The Modern Slavery Innovation Fund (MSIF) supports international projects

[Trend Alert] Traditional cookware makes a comeback in contemporary Indian kitchens

In 2019, retro is in. From dedicated radio channels that play classic music to the return of bell bottoms and polka dots, we are constantly celebrating the good ol’ style. And when it comes to home decor, particular, kitchens and cookware, the trend seems to following

‘Recreating the magic’: Coca-Cola India goes traditional with full range of ‘ethnic drinks’

A major component of Coca-Cola India’s growth strategy in the near future includes the roll-out of a full range of ethnic drinks in the country, utilising local ingredients such as cumin, buttermilk and various local fruits. Major launches so far have included Rimzim (a

Without its ‘Two Leaves’ Symbol, AIADMK Stands to Lose Traditional Vote Bank to AMMK

The noise from loudspeakers attached to campaigning vehicles, usually auto rickshaws, is deafening during election time in Tamil Nadu. Traditionally, the AIADMK campaign vehicles will play old MGR songs that were penned to project his politics, like “nann ungal veetu pillai” (I am a

The Ultimate Guide To Home Interior Design Styles

“I am getting married soon/renovating my home, and I have no idea how I want the interiors to look like!” How many times have you heard this exact same sentence? And how many times have you said it yourself? Deciding what to wear every day

New Opening: The Spa At South Lodge Elevates The Traditional Country House Hotel

The honey-coloured exterior is somewhat misleading. Bordering Sussex’s idyllic South Downs, South Lodge – a 19th century neo-Jacobean manor – is (on first sight) exactly what you’d expect. There are manicured lawns, wooded walkways and a Wisteria covered entrance. Step inside and there’s enough ornate ceilings, wood

Walmart’s traditional victims become its allies in India

Mumbai: Walmart Inc. is making friends in India with the kind of competitors that it spent decades putting out of business in the US—mom and pop stores. These unlikely allies are part of the latest attempt by the Bentonville, Arkansas-based behemoth to crack India’s giant

Modern Luxe Traveler: Consumer Segments That Are Changing The Game

The luxury travel industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 7% between 2017 and 2021. Just look at Virtuoso , a bespoke luxury travel agency network: This company reported revenue growth of almost 90% in just five years, with a growth of

A Principal’s Conundrum of Traditional vs. Progressive

I started working at The Harbour School a year and a half after it was established. I remember when it was an exclamation point (that’s putting it mildly) for people that I was perfectly happy for my children to learn in classrooms with other

From the Himalayas to the Arctic, traditional herders are sharing knowledge to cope with a changing climate

Climate change is changing life in areas such as the mountains of Tibet. ISTOCKPHOTO/RACHEL KRAMER Changlin Xu grazes 140 yaks in the mountain pastures of the Tibet Autonomous Region. In previous decades, he could count on losing a quarter of his animals to harsh