Bosch India has showcased its connected products and smart solutions for sectors beyond the mobility space, at its recent Beyond Mobility 2.0 event. At the event, the company, which generates 80 per cent of its revenue from the mobility space, also talked about offering connected solutions for various other sectors and based on growing infrastructure and consumer demand. The company, which has been a leading playing the mobility space with its auto components and technology, over the last few years, beyond mobility solutions have grown by 35 per cent, contributing greatly to the Bosch Group’s turnover.

Talking about the company’s beyond mobility solutions, Soumitra Bhattacharya, Managing Director, Bosch Limited and President, Bosch Group, India said, “Our business is in a process of profound transformation from a hardware focus to models that focus more on services and data. We have the capability to develop greenfield technology that can power industries in a new-age manner. The key to success will be in partnership with local players to drive connectivity forward and a localized strategy to meet consumer demand.”


Soumitra Bhattacharya, MD, Bosch Limited said the company spends 8-10% of its turnover on R&D

Bhattacharya also spoke about the company focus towards R&D, on which Bosch spends about 8 to 10 per cent of its entire turnover. The company currently has 18 production facilities across India, with close to 59,000 working for R&D.

Bosch says that it is pursuing a ā€œ3Sā€ strategy in India – sensors, software, and services, and there are the areas of the company’s prime focus. The areas that Bosch is currently focusing on, beyond mobility, include – connected industry, energy efficiency, smart home, smart cities and connected transportation, digital services for all segments, energy solutions and more. The company also spoke about its digital transformation solution – Phantom, for SMEs (Small Manufacturing Enterprise), that gives the SME owners analytic and real-time data for their machinery, and this is offered to the companies on subscription bases. Other solutions that the company talked about include – RFID-based tracking tags for power tools, automatic solutions for production facilities, connected tech for home appliances and more. The company also spoke about smart security solutions for cities, especially for crowded areas like metro stations and airports among others.


Bosch’s focus is on connected industry, energy efficiency, smart home, smart cities and more


Bosch also talked about Industry 4.0 technologies, which is a key component of Bosch’s beyond mobility. In line with this, the company is building smart factories with a focus on automation, digitalization, AI and IoT that are boosting productivity, quality and safety. The company also aims to be both, a leading user, as well as a provider of Industry 4.0 solutions on the market and is thus well placed to build an ecosystem of business and technology partners to create affordable digital solutions for SMEs and customers.