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best NAS drives 2017 UK: The best network storage you can buy in the UK

NAS drives are like cloud storage: you can access all your files from anywhere, both inside and outside of your home or office. You can use them to store and play your music and video collections, as well as documents and other files. Also

How to change Alexa’s name

By default, saying “Alexa” near an Alexa speaker will activate the voice assistant and it will begin listening for your requests or commands. It takes some getting used to, but after a while, talking to a speaker and calling it by a human name

Graham & Brown announces ‘Reflections’ as wallpaper of the year 2017

Fresh for the new year, Graham & Brown has unveiled Reflections as its wallpaper of the year. The contemporary design is a perfect fusion of geometric shapes, marbling and lustrous metallic shimmer – all identified as key trends for this season by the in-house

3D Printed Cubic Light by Mariam Ayvazyan

This cubical table lamp is printed on a 3D printer and presents a complex geometrical structure of crystal lattice. Arrays of regularly spaced interconnected white spheres are increasing in size diagonally. Inside the Cube, there is a cluster of LED lights. This structure diffuses

Sophisticated Ceramic Pellet Stove by Monica Graffeo

Ceramic pellet stove by MCZ Group, finely designed with a jewel effect, in which light is refracted providing luminosity and ever-changing variations. Its round shape, simple and minimalist, is embellished by three stylish inserts in brass or nickel, which amplify the lighting effect and give it a sophisticated look.

How to care for houseplants in winter Follow these expert tips

During winter months the growth of most houseplants slows down and, apart from plants that keep growing, it is best to reduce watering until the spring. Let the compost dry out before adding tepid water and drain away the excess so the pot doesn’t

Alessandro Zambelli Project for the London Gallery Matter of Stuff

Alessandro Zambelli unveils Marqué, the new collection of furniture accessories in inlaid metal – a tribute to 1920s Paris and the ground-breaking designers of Art Deco – projected for the London gallery Matter of Stuff (MOS). Zambelli creates the series for the MOS Designer

Guest bedroom design ideas

A well-designed guest bedroom will make friends and family feel welcome, even when they are far from home. Use vibrant colour, hotel-style furnishings and touchable textures to make your guest room a place people can’t wait to spend time in. If you want to

Work Smarter: 8 Ways to Boost Focus in a Home Office

Hardly anyone has enough willpower to completely ignore what’s going on around them. That’s because paying attention to anything that might endanger or otherwise affect our lives in any way was vital to humans’ early survival. Even today our biology prevents us from completely

Gardening in January/February: It’s time to prepare for the year ahead

Hedges This is a good month to plant hedges. It’s worth looking out for bare-root plants as they’re cheaper than pot-grown ones. They’re dug up from the field and posted directly to you so they miss out on all the costs of watering and