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Iridescent plants for lighting up the gloom

The natural world is full of wondrous visual tricks, from the eerie glow of floating fireflies to the ever-changing camouflage of chameleons. But for me perhaps the most fascinating of all is iridescence – the shimmering, jewel-like colours of butterfly wings or peacock feathers

New EU lighting rules would be ‘devastating’ to UK’s entertainment industry

Lighting designer Tim Routeledge says that if the new rule gets the go-ahead, “theatres, cinemas, everywhere would be dark.” The EU is proposing to change the rules that govern light sources used in the entertainment industry with consultation on the plan set to close

The Dining Room Setup That Keeps Conversation Flowing

YOU DON’T want people to walk into a room and think they know what it’s going to look like,” said interior designer Ray Booth, whose new book, “Evocative Interiors” (Rizzoli), features two examples of the unexpected: curving banquettes that hug dining tables in a way

At home: ‘Half tube on top of rectangle’ makes for unique home with great views

To say that Dennis Wick built his Caseyville home is a bit of an understatement. He designed a model of the home, ordered the materials, drove the equipment, hoisted the steel beams and drilled most of the bolts — there are 2,000 of them.


Ok, now this is something special. This is a home network and security system that would make just about anyone stop, and with jaw hanging agape, stare, impressed at the “several months of effort” it took [timekillerjay] to install their dream setup. Just. Wow. Want

Stop and look at these Dolce & Gabbana-designed appliances

\ Smeg Smeg, an Italian appliance manufacturer known for vivid colors and retro design, will release an expanded line of large and small appliances designed by Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, the companies announced this week. The collection of appliances is called Sicily is My Love, and is

10 secrets to saving money on kitchen appliances

By Daniel Bortz May 1 It’s no secret that a kitchen appliance is a major purchase. So if you’re on the hunt, you’ll want to learn some of these clever money-saving tips from industry insiders. Don’t focus on seasonal sales You don’t want to wait until

Memmert appliances ICHeco and ICPeco now CO2-cooled

Memmert introduced two temperature control appliances with climate-neutral CO2 as the refrigerant. The ICHeco climate chamber and the ICPeco cooled incubator are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more efficient and economical to maintain than appliances cooled with fluorinated greenhouse gases. With the gradual

This modern-day sacking of Rome

HIGHS AND WOES Considering they bossed the first 20 and final 10 minutes of Tuesday’s 5-2 defeatat the hands of Liverpool, Roma got no more and no less than they deserved from their trip to Anfield. For the hour in between, they also got just

Harmonising AYUSH and modern medicine: Can India learn from China?

It was estimated by the World Health Organisation that during the eighties, “in many countries, 80 per cent or more of the population living in rural areas (were) cared for by traditional practitioners and birth attendants.” The decades that followed saw an unprecedented expansion of biomedicine/western/modern