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Throwback Thursday: How to Choose the Right Decorative Accessories

For many years, it has been my wont to liken the problem of home decoration to that of baking a cake!” wrote Muriel Whitlow, a home furnishings coordinator, in GDA’s May 1943 issue. “I always think of the decorative accessories of a room as

Ancient ancestors of modern baleen whales were toothy not-so-gentle giants

The largest living whales – including the gigantic 30-metre blue whale – are fast predatory hunters that support their massive bodies by filtering large volumes of tiny prey from cool near-polar waters. They do this using baleen: plates of a tough substance hanging from

‘Google go home’: the Berlin neighbourhood fighting off a tech giant

 Protesters outside the Umspannwerk building in Kreuzberg, Berlin, where Google plans to set up a campus. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images In the streets next to Görlitzer Park – an oblong patch popular with skaters, dog walkers and the odd drug dealer in the east of Kreuzberg

Why Are Australian Retailers Embracing European Over Japanese Made Appliances?

There is something to be said for ‘Japanese Made’ when it comes to appliances. I recently spent two weeks in Japan staying in a house that was full of Japanese designed and made appliances and there is no doubt in my mind that Japanese

Binance CEO Calls ICOs Necessary And ‘100 Times Easier Than Traditional Venture Capital’

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of digital currency trading platform Binance, said in a blog post May 7 that initial coin offerings (ICO) perform far better than venture capital funds (VCs), even with a high risk of failure. In a blog post titled “ICOs — Not Just ‘Good-to-Have,’ But Necessary,” Zhao expressed

Trends in Design and Home Furnishings

Rags to Riches: Reducing the Waste in Fashion Recycling textiles is a thrifty endeavor that is older than rag rugs. In April, visitors to the International Furniture Fair in Milan saw shining new examples in Waste No More, an exhibition in the murky vaults

Dress Up Your Reception

From table and chair upgrades to chocolate fountains, adding rental items to your reception space can elevate your event to the next level. Event planning can be overwhelming, especially when you’re faced with seemingly endless options alongside the essentials. That’s where our reception rental

The Secrets of French Style, According to the Founder of Online Shop Happy French Gang

Quintessential French style has long been synonymous with “effortlessly chic,” and in the home decor world, casual-cool California style is the coveted look of the moment, with popular designers like Emily Henderson and Amber Lewis leading the charge. So when you combine the two easy-going aesthetics, the result is a

Google Assistant grows hookup list to over 5K smart home devices, appliances

It’s been a busy four months for Google’s connected home voice assistant. Since January 2018 the Google Assistant connection list grew quickly from 1,500 devices. Now you can say “Hey Google” to more than 5,000 smart home devices, the company reports. Google said it now has

Historic London Townhouse is a Masterpiece of Modern Interior Design

Having most recently been used as commercial offices, the six-level residence was left in a dilapidated state. Ms. Solland took on the challenge of reinstating its historic layout, which included creating large reception rooms and extending the basement level to create a 40-foot long