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5 Rummy Rules a Card Player Must Never Forget

The cards game rummy is a popular pastime. It has several variations and people all around the world enjoy playing it. The aim of the game is to create valid sequences and sets and minimize the points in had to zero, and declare for

New appliances from Cisco aim to make branch SD-WAN easier

Cisco has claimed to be “bringing intent-based networking into every domain”, the latest being branch offices which need software-defined WAN capabilities and security. The quote came from product management senior veep Sachin Gupta, who told El Reg the cloud has destroyed traditional notions of

Schoolgirl, 13, who was scared of her wardrobe after watching Monsters, Inc. accidentally hanged herself when she sleepwalked into her bedroom closet in her school uniform

Talented musician Hazel had gone to bed as normal but was found dead the next morning at her home in Caerphilly, South Wales Georgina’s mother  said she had hugged and kissed her daughter goodnight after a ‘lovely chat’ on May 23 At 6.45am Hazel’s

Best Black Friday Deals on Matching Kitchen Appliance Suites

If you’ve been waiting to buy a brand-new suite of matching appliances, November is the right time to do it. As we’ve reported elsewhere, you’ll see some of the lowest prices of the year this month, on most major appliances—from ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers to matching

Amazon Pre-Black Friday 2018: 4 Deals On Alexa-Equipped Accessories

Amazon’s Alexa just celebrated its fourth birthday the other day.  Alexa has evolved from being essentially a hands-free gimmick to become one of the most advanced virtual assistants on the market. Just look at the figures. In 2016, Alexa could only respond to around

How long household appliances should last

There comes a dreaded moment in every person’s life when a major household appliance begins to putter-out and the crawl toward the point of no return is imminent. Knowing the lifespan (even vaguely) of appliances you’re likely using daily—like a stove, microwave, or washer—will

In War on Haze, Indonesia Has New Ally: Tribespeople

Indonesia is recruiting tribespeople to help fight outbreaks of haze with a government deal designed to tap into traditional ways of containing forest fires. The region suffers every dry season from a haze caused by smoldering fires, often set deliberately to clear land for

To Avoid Sears’ Bankruptcy-Driven Discounts, Whirlpool Demands Its Appliances Back

As Sears starts to load up its shelves for the holiday season with all that new debtor-in-process-financed inventory, there’s one category that may be severely underrepresented on its selling floor: major appliances. According to published reports Whirlpool has sent a letter (wouldn’t you like

Whirlpool wants its appliances back from Sears

Whirlpool has demanded that Sears send back products the appliance-maker shipped in the weeks before the retailer filed for bankruptcy protection. Whirlpool, which stopped selling its branded products at Sears last year but makes appliances under Sears’ Kenmore brand, asked the department store chain

Traditional Economy: Definition, Characteristics and Examples

At first glance, the term “traditional economy” would appear to mean the market-focused U.S. economy Americans have experienced for hundreds of years. Yet a deeper look reveals a significantly different meaning of a traditional economy, one that relies more on culture, customs and local