We always had a “soft spot” for contemporary Barcelona interior design. This new project of StudioP10 andMiel Arquitectos presents us with a luminous, fresh and cheerful ambiance that through stretching the apartment’s physical dimensions and limits and utilizing clever quirks offers not only vibrant decor but also amazingly functional layout.

The luminous and light sensation of this interior comes not only from the whiteness of the color base canvas, or the light wood that is in such an abundance: on floors, furniture, fittings and even ceiling beams; but also from the bright lighting scheme of the apartment, both as natural illumination and fashionable lamps’ compositions. The kitchen offers the tranquil ambiance of well-arranged space – mild colors and soft surfaces, vitalized by the vibrant blue of the tile structure and those color combinations are supplemented by a thin yellow thread that is a very cute addition.

The bathrooms of this small urban apartment also definitely deserve special attention one of them – the guest bathroom is cleverly illuminated from multiple spouses, the other offers spa-like experience with the lush greenery introduced in the composition- bout poses the master arrangement of the tile decoration characteristic for the whole apartment.

All together the home arrangement is welcoming, tranquil and elegant with the necessary playful and artistic twist (thanks to the tile parents and the fashionable lamp and furniture choices) and it offers and urban refuge for relaxation or enjoinment with close friends very bohemian, very Barcelona like.  Photography by Asier Rua.




[Source:- Interiorzine]